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Ram Navami 2021: Different Names Of Lord Rama Along With Their Meanings

Lord Rama is considered to be the seventh incarnations of Lord Vishnu. He was the son of Dashrath, the King of Ayodhya. It is said that Lord Rama was born on the Navami tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra. Hindus observe this day as Ram Navami and every year the date in the Gregorian calendar varies. This year Hindus will be observing Ram Navami on 20 and 21 April 2021.

In Hindu culture, Lord Rama is considered as the prime example of the best son, brother and husband. Perhaps, therefore, He is also known as Purshottam, the best man. But do you know that Lord Rama has many more names? Hindus often name their sons after these names of Lord Rama. In order to know His different names along with their meaning, scroll down the article to read more.

1. Anantgunaa

Devotees of Lord Rama consider Him as the example of a perfect man. It is said that He was not only an obedient and loving son but also a supportive and caring brother and a great husband. Also, Lord Rama had various kinds of knowledge and skills. Due to this, people call Lord Rama Anantguna meaning the one who

2. Dayasara

As per the Hindu beliefs and tales, Lord Rama was a kind-hearted person who often donated things to the needy and poor people. Due to this, people often call Lord Rama Dayasara.

3. Danta

Lord Rama is believed to be the one whose image provides a soothing feeling and serendipity to the devotees. Due to this, devotees of Lord Rama consider Him as Danta.

4. Dhanvine

Lord Rama was the scion of the Ikshvaku dynasty which belonged to the Sun's race. The name Dhanvine means the one who belongs to the sun's race or family. Since Lord Rama is the one who belonged to the sun's race, He is known as Dhanvine.

5. Jaitra

Jaitra is the name that symbolises the one who gets to celebrate his/her victory. After the battle with Ravana, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya with Goddess Sita and Lakshman. This is when people celebrated the arrival of Lord Rama and called Him Jaitra.

6. Janakivallabh

Lord Rama was married to Goddess Sita, the daughter of King Janak and Rani Sunaina. Goddess Sita was also known as Janaki meaning the daughter of King Janak. After getting married to Goddess Sita, Lord Rama came to be known as Janakivallabh meaning the consort of Janaki.

7. Jitamitra

Lord Rama is believed to be the one who often won over His enemies with His knowledge, kindness and bravery. Either the enemies surrendered before Him or they initiated friendship. Due to this, Lord Rama is also known as Jitamitra meaning the one who wins his/her enemies.

8. Kausaleya

Lord Rama was born to King Dashrath and his first queen Kausalya. In Hindu culture, children are also known by their parents' name and therefore, Lord Rama was also known as Kausaleya meaning the "son of Kausalya".

9. Para

The name Para name means the one who is ultimate. Lord Rama is called Para because He is the embodiment of Lord Vishnu, the protector and nurturer of the universe.

10. Pitrabhakta

Since Lord Rama was an ardent devotee of His father King Dashrath. In Ramayana, it is described that Lord Rama always obeyed His father and considered him as his God. Due to His utmost devotion for His father, people often call Lord Rama Pitrabhakta.

11. Raghav

This is one of the most popular names of Lord Rama. The name means the one who belongs to the Raghu race. Hindus are often seen naming their sons as Raghav.

12. Rajeevlochana

Rajeevlochana is the name of Lord Rama that means the one whose eyes are similar to the shape of lotus petals. Devotees believe that the eyes of Lord Rama are quite pretty.

13. Ramchandra

Ramchandra is one of the names of Lord Rama which means the one who is as gentle and beautiful as the moon. The name showcases the mystic, gentle and kind heart of Lord Rama.

14. Satyavache

The name Satyavache means someone who always says the truth and never loses faith in honesty. Lord Rama is known as Satyavache because He never gave up on truth and always spoke what is honest.

15. Satyavrata

Devotees of Lord Rama also call me Him as Satyavrata. Lord Rama considered truth as the real penance and therefore, people refer to Him as Satyavrata.

16. Setukrute

Setukrute is another name of Lord Rama which means "one who builds a bridge over the ocean". Lord Rama built the famous Ramsetu bridge over the Indian ocean that connects India and Sri Lanka in the present. He got the bridge built to reach Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana to rescue Goddess Sita.

17. Shoora

Lord Rama is also known as Shoora meaning the one who is valiant and brave and doesn't give up easily. While fighting against Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, Lord Rama fought like a braveheart and won the battle. Therefore, people refer to Him as Shoora.

18. Raghuveer

Since Lord Rama was born into the Ikshvaku dynasty which is the scion of the sun and is also known as Raghu Kul, Lord Rama is known as Raghuveer. The name means "the brave one of Raghu Kul".

19. Tatakantaka

The reason why Lord Rama is known as Tatakantaka is because of a small incident narrated in Ramayana. There lived a demoness named Tataka who often disturbed and killed people. She was slain by Lord Rama and since then people call Him Tatakantaka.

20. Punyodaya

The name implies to the one who is the "provider of immortality". Since Lord Rama is believed to be the embodiment of Lord Vishnu who liberates one soul to salvation and immortality, devotees often call Lord Rama Punyodaya.

Story first published: Saturday, April 17, 2021, 16:15 [IST]