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New Year 2020: Things To Avoid Doing On New Year's Day

New Year's Day 2020 is almost here and we all are super excited for it. It is that time of the year when the world is busy making new year resolutions and interesting plans to celebrate the first day of the year is the best possible manner. But, some of us also believe that there are dos and don'ts that must be kept in mind while celebrating this day.

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Scroll down to read them:


1. Do Not Lend Money To Anyone

When you lend money to someone, you expect him or her to return it to you in a short span of time. But, if the person doesn't return you the money on time, then this might upset you. Nobody would probably like to fight in the initial days of a year. Moreover, according to legends, lending money on New Year's day can result in doling out your hard-earned money throughout the year.


2. Do Not Sweep

Legend has it that sweeping on new year can result in 'sweeping away your luck too'. Therefore, it is better to sweep your house on new year's eve if you want to keep your home clean.


3. Do Not Take Out Things From Your House

In order to make your new year a productive and joyful one, make sure you do not take anything out of your house on the New Year's morning. Owing to the fact that this is considered to be a bad omen. But if there is something which has to be delivered to someone, then you can put it outside your house on the eve of the new year. You can also empty your garbage bin a day before to avoid yourself from the pain of storing it for an entire day.


4. Do Not Cry

Who would like the idea of starting a new year with tears and disappointment? Since a festival is meant to spread happiness and harmony, crying on a new year and holding grudges in your heart can result in spoiling the beginning of your year. Therefore, it is better that you begin your new year with a beaming face and a broad smile.


5. Do Not Take Any Debts

Debts are never good for anyone. If you have already made resolutions to increase your productivity and have a prosperous start to your new year, then avoid taking any debts. This will not only bring financial luck to you but would also keep you away from the stress of clearing off the debts.

Also, if you have to pay your loans or return money to someone, then do it either before new year's day or a few days after it.


6. Do Not Stay Near Crying Cats

Crying cats are said to be a bad omen and perhaps no one would like the idea of spoiling their new year. Therefore, if you hear any cat crying then it is better to walk in the opposite direction or feed them something to make them stop crying. Moreover, according to beliefs, crying cats symbolise a bad omen.

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7. Do Not Keep The Doors And Windows Of Your House Closed

What could be than morning breeze entering your house and filling up your house with freshness and fragrance? Though it is indeed chilly wintertime, keeping the doors and windows of your house closed can bring bad luck to you. The new year is all about new beginnings and celebrations. Keeping your house locked during such a pleasant time can bring negative vibes to you too.


8. Do Not Indulge In Any Fights Or Arguments

Since you are all set to have a fresh start and welcome positivity in your life, there is no point in getting into fights and arguments. Even if you are mad at someone, control your emotions and wait for the right time. Beginning the new year with bitter fights and arguments can spoil your mood, which can have a negative impact on the celebration.


9. Do Not Injure Anyone

Injuring anyone physically is a very good thing, and yes it is a criminal offence too. But, if you are a spiritual person, then it is said that injuring a person from 1st to 15th of Lunar New Year (25 December to 5 January) can bring bad luck to you. Killing anything that has emotions is considered inauspicious. Therefore it is better to avoid harming or killing animals like chicken, pigs, ducks or any animal for that matter simply to satisfy your taste buds. Even buying the meat for eating purposes can bring bad luck to you.


10. Do Not Break Any Equipments Or Tools

Breaking any tools or equipment on the occasion of New Year's day symbolises the loss of wealth and prosperity for the coming year. Moreover, you probably won't like extra expenses raising their heads at the beginning of the new year. Therefore, make sure to stay cautious while handling the tools at your home or workplace.


12. Do Not Badmouth Any One

It is never a good thing to bad mouth anyone, no matter what, as it shows that you are filled with negativity and do not have respect for the person you are bad-mouthing.

It is always better that you focus on promoting goodwill and harmony among your loved ones, colleagues or strangers for that matter. You can make your New Year better by leaving behind all the grudges and focusing on the reasons that make you happy.

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We wish you a very Happy New Year!

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