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12 Lucky Plants That Will Change The Ambience Of Your Home And Workplace

Who would not love the sight of fresh and green plants around them? After all, plants are important to our existence. They not only provide us with oxygen and makes our surroundings green. It is not that one can't have plants inside their home at their workplace. People generally plant a seed or a sapling and look after it. By looking after the plants, people earn good luck and karma. However, there are many more spiritual benefits of having certain plants around you. Vaastu Shashtra, which is an ancient science of architecture that originated in India, tells about certain lucky plants that bring good fortune to one's life. Let us know about these plants in detail:

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1. Tulsi Plant

Also known as the Basil plant, it is one of the most common plants found in an Indian household. In Hinduism, the plant has a great significance and is considered to be auspicious. It is believed that this plant wards off negative vibes and have some medicinal benefits as well. Such as its leaves can be used to cure cough, cold and wounds. According to Vaastu Shashtra, Tulsi plants should be placed in the North, East or in the North-east direction of your house.


2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo is considered to be a sign of longevity, prosperity and happiness. It is considered to be quite lucky as it helps in keeping away the negative energy. This lucky plant is usually kept in stalks (a group of an individual plant) such as two stalks blesses with marital bliss to the couples, three stalks are for growth and happiness whereas five stalks are said to bring good health and success.

One can also have seven stalks as it promotes the overall development and good health of the entire family. If you want this plant to bless you with wealth then you need to place it in the south-east direction of your house. Else you can place it in the east direction for ensuring good health. However, one must not place this plant in their bedroom.


3. Money Plant

This plant is said to be a good air purifier and fills the surroundings with positive energy. It also absorbs harmful radiation and therefore, people prefer placing it near their television set or near the refrigerator. Those who suffer from anxiety and stress should place money plant in their home or at their workplace.

Since Lord Ganesha is said to be the one who removes obstacles from one's life and he stays in the South-east direction, therefore, you can place the plant in the same direction. However, you must not place the plant outside your house, but inside it.


4. Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is another auspicious plant that has medicinal properties as well. The plant absorbs most of the carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. It is helpful in keeping negativity at bay. One should place it in the North or in the East direction. Its gel can instantly heal a burn spot. Also, its gel is quite beneficial for your hair and skin.


5. Spider Plant

These hanging plants are extremely beautiful. However, you can also place them in pots on the ground. These plants are not used for decorative purposes, but also have air-purifying properties. When placed near a fireplace, these plants can filter carbon monoxide, xylene and formaldehyde. These plants bring prosperity and good health to one's environment.


6. Lotus Plant

Lotus plants signify Goddess Lakshmi in Hinduism and Lord Buddha in Buddhism. The plant brings serenity and peace in one's household and workplace. Being a symbol of peace and purity, lotus plants can bring prosperity and peace in your life. Those who are into spirituality can place this plant in their houses. In addition to the spiritual benefits, the plant also has some medicinal properties.

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7. Jasmine Plant

Jasmine plants are famous for producing sweet-smelling flowers. The delicate flowers and their unique fragrance can woo anyone. The plant is believed to be a great stress-reliever due to its flowers. You can place it at your workplace to induce positive energy in you and soothe your nerves. While placing it indoors, you must place it towards the North, East or North-east direction. Or if you have a window facing South, then you can place it there as well.


8. Peace Lily Plant

These plants are believed to bring harmony and peace in one's household. Those who are going through an emotional breakdown can be benefited from this plant as it also brings positive energy and wards off any kind of negative vibes. Legends believe that it opens the door for new opportunities and promotes harmony among family members.


9. Jade Plant

Jade plants are considered to be quite lucky and are believed to bring prosperity and good luck. These plants are quite small and have round leaves which makes the plant look super cute. People generally place these plants at the entrance of their houses. It is said that this plant wards off negative vibes and brings health, wealth and fortune. You can also place it at your workplace.


10. Rubber Plant

This plant is considered to be highly auspicious for the wealth area. In order to increase your income, you can place this plant in the room where you keep your money and jewellery. In Feng Shui, a practice in Chinese philosophy that is all about looking at the built environments and understand how to live in harmony with the principles of the natural world, the round and evergreen leaves of rubber plant will signify wealth and prosperity. Placing it in your home can promote good fortune as well.


11. Orchid Plant

These plants are believed to bring prosperity and serenity in one's life. The flowers of orchid plants bring peace and positivity in one's life. You can present this plant to newlyweds as well. Even those who have just welcomed their baby can be benefited from this auspicious plant. You can place this plant in the South-west direction of your house to keep away the negative vibes.

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12. Palm Plant

Palm plants will not only bring positivity in your life but will also add a natural look to the decor of your home or workplace. It is believed that the plant purifies the air and absorbs harmful radiation. You can have short palm plants and hang them in pots. This way it will enhance the beauty of your place and will also bring good fortune in your life.

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