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Friendship Day 2021: Some Iconic Stories About True Friendship In Indian Mythology

Real friendship is the true wealth that one can possess. Though it doesn't aid you in inhaling and exhaling, it makes you feel lively and happy. During tough times when things aren't going well, other than your family it is your friends who encourage you to achieve your goals and overcome all the difficulties of life. Turn the pages of history and you will find great examples of the power of true friendship. On this friendship day i.e., on 1 August 2021, we are here to tell you about a few famous friendships in Indian mythology. We have curated some beautiful mythological stories for you that will help you understand the power of true friendship.

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Story Of Lord Krishna And Draupadi

Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas and the daughter of King Drupad was a key figure in the Hindu Epic Mahabharata. The tales of her and Lord Krishna's friendship is quite popular among the people. They had an eternal bond of friendship which is an inspiration for people even today. It is said that when Lord Krishna threw the Sudarshan Chakra at Shishupal, his finger got hurt. Seeing this, Draupadi became quite emotional and immediately tore a piece of cloth from her saree and tied on the wound of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna touched by this gesture of Draupadi promised that he will always protect her.

He then protected Draupadi during the Cheer Haran (the part of Mahabharata, when Dushshan was undraping Draupadi's saree on the orders of Duryodhana). He also helped her in many ways and always protected Pandavas as well.

Story Of Lord Krishna And Sudama

The story of Lord Krishna and Sudama is quite famous in Indian culture. Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. Sudama who came from a poor Brahman family decided to pay a visit to his childhood friend one day and seek some financial help. Since he had nothing to take as a present for Lord Krishna, his wife packed some rice as the present for Lord Krishna. However, upon reaching the palace of Lord Krishna, Sudama was reluctant to present those rice grains to the Lord and his friend. But Lord Krishna who was elated after seeing Sudama and ensured to give him the best hospitality took away the rice grains. After eating a small portion of those rice grains, he said it was the best meal he had so far.

Sudama soon left for his home and was sad for not being able to seek help from Lord Krishna. However, when he reached home, he saw that his hut had turned into a big house having gold, jewellery and many other luxuries.

Story Of Lord Rama And Sugreeva

Lord Rama met Sugreeva (brother of Bali, the King of Kishkindha), while he was searching for his wife, Goddess Sita (she was kidnapped by Ravana, the mighty demon-king of Lanka). It is said that Lord Hanuman introduced Sugreeva and Lord Rama. At that time, Sugreeva was living in exile, after his brother threw him out of the Kingdom due to some dispute. Sugreeva sought help from Lord Rama and hence Lord Rama agreed. He killed Bali and handed over the kingdom of Kishkindha to Sugreeva. He made Sugreeva an independent ruler. Sugreeva in return sent his army along with Lord Rama to search for Goddess Sita. He also sent his army to help Lord Rama in fighting against Ravana.

Story Of Karna And Duryodhana

Karna, famously known as the Danveer Karna, was a trusted friend of Duryodhana. However, according to some legends, Duryodhana had befriended Karna for his personal benefit. Though Karna was the illegitimate child of Kunti, the mother of Pandavas, he was adopted by the charioteer of Kauravas. During those times, the caste system was prevalent and Duryodhana went on to appoint Karna as the King of Anga Desh, a part of Hastinapura, the Kingdom of Kauravas. This resulted in the anger from the Royal family members, especially Arjuna who was as capable as Karna and a strong candidate for the King of Anga Desh. Karna too returned the favour by being a devoted friend of Duryodhana till his last breath.

Story Of Lord Krishna And Arjuna

The friendship between Lord Krishna and Arjuna (the third of the Pandavas) is more like a mentor-philosopher. Arjuna always considered Lord Krishna to be his mentor and sought his advice in every important part of his life. Lord Krishna gave him the valuable lesson of life and universe in the battlefield of Kurushetra, the place where the battle of Mahabharata was fought between Pandavas and Kauravas. The friendship between Arjuna and Lord Krishna tells us that friendship and mentorship can go hand in hand.

Story Of Goddess Sita And Trijata

Though Trijata was an alliance of Ravana, she was a true friend of Goddess Sita. When Ravana kidnapped Goddess Sita and kept her in his Ashok Vatika (his Royal Garden), he appointed Triijata to keep an eye on Sita. However, Trijata went on to have a cordial relationship with Goddess Sita and cared for her. Trijata also tried to provide comfort to Goddess Sita by bringing her the news of Lord Rama's arrival. She kept Goddess Sita informed by the news going outside the Ashok Vatika. After Goddess Sita returned to Ayodhya with Lord Rama and Lakshman, Trijata was rewarded and given honorary status.

These iconic stories of true friendship in Indian mythology teach us selfless lessons of love, care and support. And above all it tells us why friends are important in our lives.

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