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Shiv Tandav Stotra: All You Need To Know About It


Lord Shiva is a deity who can be pleased with minimal offering. While he is generally remembered for giving good health, removal of diseases, etc. by his devotees, a chant dedicated to him can even make you richer. Yes, there is one Stotra known as Shiv Tandav Stotra by chanting which, not just Lord Shiva, but Goddess Lakshmi also gets pleased. That is how Ravana was blessed with the golden kingdom of Lanka. In fact, the Shiv Tandav Stotra is attributed to Ravana only. He created it himself and chanted it in order to please Lord Shiva. Let us know about the significance of Shiv Tandav Stotra.

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Shiv Tandav Stotram

Significance of Shiv Tandav Stotram


Wealth And Luxuries

Shiv Tandav Stotra is a magical chant. A regular chanting of this can help gain wealth and all the luxuries. No desire remains unfulfilled in the materialistic life. However, the chanting process is different for different wishes.

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Beneficial For Householders

It is highly beneficial for the householders. It brings peace and happiness in the family life as well as a life of fulfilment is attained. It helps bring mutual understanding when both the husband and the wife chant the Stotra. This Stotra is very helpful for those seeking enlightenment.


Shiv Tandav Stotra, A Solution To Financial Problems

One gets rid of all financial problems by chanting Shiv Tandav Stotra. One gets relieved of debts and does not have to depend on debts in future.


Marriage-related Problems

Singles facing marriage-related problems should chant Shiv Tandav Stotra regularly for fifty-one days. Doing this will remove all such problems.


Shiv Tandav Stotra For Professional Growth

It also helps grow business and career. When the business is not running well, or when no progress happens at the job front despite regular efforts, the Stotra can then be chanted for 41 days continuously. It brings the required progress.


It Ensures Victory In Legal Matters

For winning court cases or removing the hindrances caused by enemies, this Stotra can be chanted for 31 days in the evening. It helps gain victory in every venture.


Shiv Tandav Stotra During Eclipse

1008 chants of this magical hymn, done during the solar or lunar eclipse, helps attain divine blessings. Every wish of the devotee gets fulfilled after this.


A Remedy For Childless Couples

This can also be chanted for getting a baby. Enchantment of Shiv Tandav Stotra on a Pradosh day fulfils the wish of childless couples. Pradosh is the thirteenth day of the fortnight, also known as Shukla Paksha Trayodashi or Krishna Paksha Trayodashi.

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Rules To Observe

Here are some rules that need to be observed while chanting the Shiv Tandav Stotra. Read more.

1. Both the body and mind should be neat and clean.

2. The pronunciation should be correct. Try to read slowly and not rush, so that the pronunciation is not wrong.

3. One should not respond to any outside hindrances, while the chanting is going on. Do not speak in between.

4. Until and unless the Stotra gets properly memorised, a Shivlinga or an image of Lord Shiva should be kept in front of the eyes. Once it gets memorised, chant it while focusing on the centre of your forehead.

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