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Astrological Remedies For Good Academic Performance


Nothing good comes easy in life. Neither should anything be ever taken lightly. These are the words of the wise. These two statements indicate that it requires hard work and dedication to achieve success in life. Students are always told by the elders at every stage of their education that there is no substitute for hard work. But wait. Don't the elders also say that success also requires some share of luck?

Sometimes results do not come even after sufficient hard work. It might be because the student is not able to recall whatever he had learnt. Sometimes, children who are otherwise brainy fail to concentrate when it comes to studying. Also, while some children are not so studious from the early years itself, others lose interest in the later years.

There can be various factors responsible behind it, such as the environment at home, the friend circle of the child or the teacher-student compatibility. However, astrologers also say that sometimes, the unfavourable position of a planet in the birth chart of a person might lead to a reduced interest in studies and poor performance in exams.

Now the question arises as to what should be the remedy? No need to worry, given below are a few astrological remedies believed to be helpful in developing the interest or improving the performance of a student. Check out.


Worship Goddess Saraswati

Before sitting for studying, light incense sticks before Goddess Saraswati and chant the mantra: Om Aim Saraswatiye Namah.


Respect Your Guru

The planet Jupiter is also called Guru and is associated with Lord Brihaspati. It is believed that paying respect to one's Guru (teacher) also pleases Lord Brihaspati. Jupiter helps gain social respect and luck.


Chant Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra is undoubtedly one of the most powerful mantras. If chanted regularly, it can help increase memory and improve concentration.


Use Ashwagandha Root

Some students start panicking just before the exams. Such students should take the root of Ashvagandha plant and tie it around the neck or the wrist. Do this 21 days before the examinations.


Wear Green Thread

Green colour can help increase the memory power. Tying a green-coloured thread around the thumb can help improve memory.


Offer These In A Ganesha Temple

Take a green-coloured cloth. Take some green grass, some moong seeds and five green cardamoms and keep them together in the cloth. Now offer these in a temple of Lord Ganesha on a Wednesday.


Keep Camphor And Alum In Pockets

Negative energies in the atmosphere might cause hindrance and not let the child concentrate while he is in the exam hall. As a remedy, ask him to keep camphor and alum in his pockets. This wards off negative energies of all forms and improves concentration.


Feed A Cow On Wednesday

Feed 1 kg of green fodder to a cow on a Wednesday. Do this on three consecutive Wednesdays.


Paint The Walls Of Study Room

Use yellow, orange or green colour for the walls of the study room.


Get Nose Pierced

Also, getting the nose pierced and wearing a nose ring or pin of the metal associated with one's zodiac can help get good results. Boys can keep a silver wire in a glass bottle and keep it with them all the time. Consult an astrologer before adopting these measures.


Keep This On The Study Table

Take an earthen pot and fill it up with Khaandsari (powdered sugar). Keep it on the study table. Make sure ants do not come in it.


Recite These Dohas And Mantras

Recite the following mantra, every day or at least on Wednesdays using a rosary of 108 beads.

Om Bum Buddhaye Namah

On every Wednesday, chant the doha mentioned below 108 times before going to bed.

Chhiti Pawak Gagan Sameera, Panch Rachit Ati Adham Sareesa.

Using a 108 bead rosary of Tulsi, chant the following mantra 108 times any time on a Wednesday.

Guru Greh Gaye Padhan Raghu Rayi, Alp Kaal Vidya Sab Payi.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 13:06 [IST]
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