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Daily Horoscope: 25 August 2018

Here is your daily horoscope for August 25, 2018.

Aries: 21 March - 20 April

Love will finally bloom in your marital life today. You may also go on a fun trip with your life partner. There will be good compatibility between you two. However, you need to keep a check on your speech. Saying the wrong things at the wrong time will invite criticism your way. You will come across a lot of financial opportunities today. Profits in business are foreseen. Try to keep your financial and future investment decisions to yourself to avoid misuse of information. Things will go according to you at your work place. Business-related travel is foreseen. Your health will be good.

horoscope for 25 August 2018

Taurus: 21 April - 21 May

It is not a good day for your finances today. Received wealth may not be as expected. Increase in your expenditure will further add to your financial woes. It is important to remember carrying important documents with you while travelling as losing them may put you in trouble. You are advised not to regret over things of the past and concentrate on moving ahead. Criticising yourself all the time will only decrease your self-confidence. Your life partner may not be in a good mood. There may be no improvements in your impending tasks. You may find yourself spiritually inclined today.

Gemini: 22 May - 21 June

You are advised to be very careful while engaging in a conversation with your colleague at your work place as saying the wrong things may make you regret big time. Spending excessively on unimportant things will get you closer to financial problems. There is huge success in store from the side of your children as they will achieve success in examinations. Health issues may cause you some worries. You will be dominant on your enemies and contemporaries today.

Cancer: 22 June - 22 July

You are advised not to make any promises which you have no intentions of fulfilling today. There may be some problems in your married life. It is important to understand their responsibilities and try to avoid creating difficult situations. Your warm and friendly attitude will help attract people around you. You will also be high on enthusiasm and energy. You may face some financial problems today but all will be well by the end of the day as gains are foreseen in the evening. Your health will be good. Time spent on pinpointing your life partner’s shortcomings will only be wasteful and should be used doing something constructive. Students are predicted to achieve success in competitive examinations today.

Leo: 23 July - 21 August

You will work hard at your work place today and will also be satisfied with the results. However, increase in work load will lead to mental stress. There may be a tiff with your closed ones. It is important to keep a check on your anger as wrong choice of words may hurt the sentiments of others. Your life partner’s wit will help you bag a huge financial gain today. Health too will be good. You will be more active than usual and will be able to complete many tasks. It is not a good day for undertaking travels.

Virgo: 22 August - 23 September

Your father may not agree to all you say but it is important to make them understand in a peaceful way. Sudden expenses may imbalance your budget, giving you some mental stress. Life partner’s ill health will be a major cause of your concern too. There may be some problems coming from the way of your children. It is advised to take the help of a learned man in order to solve your family problems. Matters relating to travel and education will help increase your awareness. It is also a good time to indulge in activities that interest you.

Libra: 24 September - 23 October

Receiving the support of your friends and family will help increase your self confidence and enthusiasm. Your hard work in office will finally reward you with success. Your efforts to increase your income can be done by planning for the future and making the right decisions. Financial transactions should be carefully undertaken. Health issues may affect your work today. However, the health of your parents will be good and they will be inclined towards spiritual activities. There may be some changes in your married life and your partner and you may be experiencing a dull period off late. You will be high on energy and enthusiasm throughout the day.

Scorpio: 24 October - 22 November

A huge financial gain is in store for you today. However, people in the business field are advised to be very careful regarding their financial transactions. Peace and happiness will prevail in your marital life. Your life partner will convey their feelings for you in the most beautiful words. Avoid bossing over others as it will only present you in a bad light. It is the right time to move on from the past. Your health will be good. Going for a walk early in the morning will prove to be beneficial for you. You may also be spiritually inclined today.

Sagittarius: 23 November - 22 December

You may face some health issues today. Try to avoid eating outside food and keep a close check on your weight. An auspicious day for your finances is foreseen. Making long term investments will bring some handsome returns. There are gains in store for you at your workplace as well. Business-related travels will be fruitful. Your attractive personality and soft-spoken nature will help attract people around you. However, it may be a day where there will be some problems in your domestic life. You may spend money on religious activities today.

Capricorn: 23 December - 20 January

You will come across a lot of opportunities to showcase your talent. Make sure to use these opportunities in the best possible way. Doubting your life partner will only create problems in your relationship. It is important to remember that trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. Spending some quality time with your life partner will help you attain some mental peace. You may have to take family issues seriously. Your health will be good in spite of having a busy day. There may be some late minute changes in your schedule. Business-related travels are on the cards.

Aquarius: 21 January - 19 February

It will be a positive day for your work life today. You will carry out all your tasks with honesty and dedication which will also help garner praises from your seniors. Your finances are predicted to improve as you will come across many good opportunities to earn wealth. However, your life partner may not be in the best of moods. It is better not to meddle in their affairs. There may be a tiff among family members as well. Some issue may suddenly make you sad. Matters relating to land and property will take up most of your time today. Your health will be good.

Pisces: 20 February - 20 March

You are advised to keep a check on your expenses and start saving in order to avoid ending up with a financial crunch in the future. Your seniors may be influenced by your hard work and sing your praises. It is important to take some time off from work and do things that occupy your interest. This much-needed break will help rejuvenate you and also relax your mind. Your marital life will be peaceful and cordial. You are also predicted to take part in social or religious events in the evening.

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