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Auspicious Astrological Occurrences In Navratri 2018


Navratri is observed four times in a year namely Ashadh, Chaitra, Vasant and Sharadiya Navratri. While two of these (Ashadh and Vasant) are less popular and are known as Gupt Navratri, the other two are celebrated with huge religious vigour and account among the most popular festivals of India. Among these two, Sharadiya Navratri, also known as Maha Navratri, started on October 10 and will continue until October 18 for the year 2018. October 19 shall be observed as Dussehra.

However, Navratri this year has come with highly auspicious occurrences according to astrology experts. Here are the reasons. Read on to know more about the astrological occurrences of Navratri 2018.


Navratri Vahanas Of Goddess Durga

It is said that each year Goddess Durga comes riding on a vehicle and goes riding on another vahana when the Navratri ends. Different Vahanas (vehicles) symbolise different forms of messages for the devotees. This year, as per the astrologers, Goddess Durga has come riding on a boat and shall leave while riding an elephant. It is considered highly auspicious when the goddess comes riding a boat.

Every year, the Vahana of the Goddess is decided by astrologers on the basis of which day the Kalash Sthapana and Vijay Dashmi fall. Besides the lion, Goddess has a horse, an elephant, a boat and a palanquin that she chooses from. A boat symbolises a good harvest and an elephant symbolises prosperity and fruits of hard work.

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Navratri Of Nine Days

Depending on the Tithis of the Hindu calendar, the number of days that the Navratri is celebrated for, keeps changing. Though all the nine forms of the Goddess are worshipped, the number of days might be eight, nine or ten as well. Since this year the Navratri shall be observed for nine days, it is considered auspicious again.


Three Auspicious Occurrences

This Navratri, three auspicious Yogas (astrological occurrences) are occurring. A Raj Yoga, Sarvarth Siddhi Yoga and an Amrit Yoga are occurring this year. A day when any of these Yogas occurs is considered to be highly auspicious for beginning any new work, project, entering a new house, etc. Besides this, a date-wise list of some occurrences is given below.

October 10 - Pratipada Ravi Yoga

October 12 - Chaturthi Ravi Yoga

October 13 - Panchami Ravi Yoga

October 14 - Shashthi Ravi Yoga, Sarvarth Siddhi Yoga

October 15 - Saptami Ravi Yoga

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Venus In Its Astrological House

Venus will be staying in its own astrological house during the Navratri. This is considered auspicious, as it will help people to achieve success in all ventures; especially in married life and pleasures associated with Venus. Thus, Venus being placed in its own house makes it an auspicious occurrence.

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Significance Of A Thursday During Navratri

It is said that the benefits of a Thursday puja multiply two times during Navratri. There will be two Thursdays during this Navratri, thus making it more auspicious for those who perform a puja or observe a fast on Navratri.

Story first published: Thursday, October 11, 2018, 10:30 [IST]
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