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Benefits Of Offering Water To Surya Dev


There are many Gods and Goddesses that are worshipped in Hinduism. While Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, etc. as well as goddesses such as Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati are worshipped by all, the worship of Gods such as Surya Dev and Shani Dev has astrological significance, which is not known to all.

However, despite not knowing much about it, offering water to Surya Dev is a common practice in many houses. Surya Dev, the personification of the Sun, according to Hindu texts, is worshipped every Sunday. The Sun is the ultimate source of energy not just according to science but also according to spiritual beliefs as well. Here we explain what are the benefits of offering water to Surya Dev.


A Story Behind The Ritual

Once there was a demon named Mandehas. Many demons often used to please Lord Brahma by performing hard penances. He also did the same; he sat in meditation for many years just to please Lord Brahma. As Lord Brahma appeared before him and asked for his wish, he said that he wanted to captivate Surya Dev. As Lord Brahma was bound to fulfil the promise of granting him a wish, he agreed to the demon's request. The demon made Surya Dev a captive with the help of Lord Brahma.

However, this caused complete darkness on earth and chaos spread everywhere. When Lord Brahma saw this, he advised some of the divine priests on earth, that they should offer water to Surya Dev and chant the Gayatri Mantra along with it. This liberated Surya Dev from the captivity of the demon. It is believed that we offer water to Surya Dev in order to ward off any chances of the demon coming back again.


For Higher Confidence

Surya Dev helps increase our confidence. His worship is often recommended to those who have a low confidence level and who become afraid of situations easily or who start panicking soon. Not just this, one stays protected from negative thoughts and people as well, if he offers water to Surya Dev.


For Victory

It is said that Surya Dev is the giver of victory. Hence, offering prayers to him helps get his blessings such that the devotee emerges victorious in most spheres of life.


For Defeating Enemies

Those who have many enemies and want to be relieved from such stress, or those who are going through a constant fear of enemies, they should offer water to Surya Dev and chant the Gayatri Mantra.


For Good Health

It is said that worshipping Surya Dev or offering him water also helps to get good health. Surya Dev Vrat is often suggested for improving one's health. It is said that his worship also does not let the eyesight get weak.


For Social Prestige

Social respect is one of the most common reasons stated as a benefit of offering water to Surya Dev. However, since Surya Dev helps get confidence and success and defeats the enemies, he thus helps to build prestige in the society as well.

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