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Weekly Horoscope: 03 September 2018 - 09 September 2018

Curated by expert astrologists from around the country, your weekly horoscope will give details about important events happening this week. Find out more in your weekly horoscope for September 3rd to September 9th 2018 below.


Aries: 21 March - 20 April

Your work life will finally fall on the right track after a frustrating retrograde period. This is the time when everything you touch turns to gold. All your tasks will be completed with results absolutely pleasing to you. This is also the time when people's jealousy may bog you down. You are advised not to let that affect you. Relationship wise, if you are pursuing someone, try to find out if they are on the same page as you because it could hurt you to find that while you may want to take this relationship forward, they may just be looking for a fling. Exercise and a balanced diet should be a part of your lifestyle to stay healthy.


Taurus: 21 April - 21 May

Everything relating to your work life and finances will be at an all time high this week. Your projects at work will be successful, making you a great asset to your organisation. Financially too, this week will be all about spending lavishly. This will not be a cause of concern for you as these expenses are backed by strong finances. Socialising will get to the mate you are looking for. It is important to remember that love, trust, understanding and compromise are what will take your love to the next level. No major health issues are foreseen through the week. Make sure to indulge in activities that will help keep your mind happy and give a good work out to your body.


Gemini: 22 May - 21 June

It may be a week for self discovery for you. If you have been embroiled in the daily hustle and bustle of life, it's time to give it a break and go on the route of self discovery. Things at work may not move according to your expectations. All that work stress may have also affected your health. It is time to indulge in some mindful eating and also do some meditation to connect with your inner being. After all this, you may find that your productivity and level of focus have greatly increased when you get back to work. Investing in long-term financial schemes may not interest you right now but sometimes it may pay you well to listen to your financial advisor. You may meet someone professionally, who may interest you at a personal level. Getting to know them better before entering into a relationship will help gauge your likes and dislikes in a partner.


Cancer: 22 June - 22 July

It is a great time to showcase your talents to the world, and by world, we mean your colleagues greatly. Your work life will be on a roll this week. You may socialise to make contacts with influential people that will benefit you greatly in the future. Taking part in social events is foreseen. This will increase your ability to deal with different kinds of people. You may also get an opportunity to market yourself as someone who is trustworthy and reliable. Same goes for your relationships as well. It is important to communicate your feelings to your partner if you do not want any misunderstanding to crop up between you. It is a great time for business people to enter into partnerships to expand their business.


Leo: 23 July - 21 August

Your work life will be smooth without any glitches. Make sure to listen to the advice of your loved ones with regards to your career as they may give you a tip that will increase your prospects. Investing in a few good financial plans will strengthen your future. But it is also important to keep a check on your expenses. On the personal front, going on a short trip with family will charge you up for the hectic week ahead. You may have to make special efforts in your relationship if you want to keep your partner close. It is important not to indulge too much in eating out as stomach problems may be prominent mid-week.


Virgo: 22 August - 23 September

You may lack the confidence and energy to pursue your goal this week. But don't let it dishearten you as there is always a brighter tomorrow. You will find a lot of good opportunities coming your way but the position of the planets in your zodiac house may prevent you from milking them. You will excel in your relationships. Indulging in activities that interest your partner and you will spark the excitement. It will be a time for celebration at your home as good news will bring you joy and happiness among family members. However, your finances may need precaution. Health wise, keeping away from oily food and foods with loaded calories will be an effortless way to lose weight.


Libra: 24 September - 23 October

You will have to work hard this week in order to complete all your deadlines and projects. Putting your heart and soul will definitely help you shine through. You may give some time to your personal life towards the weekend and pursue your interests. If you have been wondering why you are not being successful in relationships, it is time to take advice from your best friend, who may point out your flaws for you. This will help you work on your shortcomings and make your future relationships successful. Business men may have a tough time expanding their business and finding new clients. On the financial front, you may be compelled to make purchases, which can completely be avoided. Your health will be good.


Scorpio: 24 October - 22 November

The stars may not favour you this week on the professional front as you may find it hard to concentrate on your tasks. This may be due to difficult affairs at home or your health. Whatever it is, you need to identify it at the earliest and work on solving it. You may be determined to get back on track. But if you find that things are not working for you, it is advised to step back for some time until the time is right. There may be problems at home due to miscommunication. Talking things out may be the only way to resolve issues. Surprisingly, there will be no glitches in your finances this week and all will be smooth. Excess stress will affect your health but meditating will help manage it.


Sagittarius: 23 November - 22 December

Your work life will take a back seat this week as your personal life will be your priority. The needs and wants of your family members should be fulfilled. It is important to keep them happy as they are the main source of your mental well being. You may do something special for your life partner and they may return the favour to you by giving good news that will bring you great joy. This week, you will find that true happiness lies in the smaller things in life. However, you are advised to be very careful with financial transactions and avoid dealing with strangers. A good day for business men is predicted; they will finally bag a huge project.


Capricorn: 23 December - 20 January

You may be torn between work and home this week as both demand your equal attention. The only way to deal with this situation is to promise your loved ones the weekend and spend the week focusing on your work projects, Once you are done with them, you can fulfil the promise made to your loved ones. Instead to creating a work life balance, you may find that giving attention to one aspect of your life at one time will work out more in your favour. There will be huge gains in your finances this week as income from different sources is foreseen. Make sure to invest the money wisely for future returns. Ignoring your health will have grave consequences so try to make time for yourself as much as possible.


Aquarius: 21 January - 19 February

You may want to go the unconventional route at your place and in case you are wondering if it will work out for you, it definitely will. In fact, great rewards lie ahead. Just make sure to keep others' interest too in mind and not be selfish as you will only attract negative energy. At home, you may find that family members are not giving you much attention. This may be due to some of your actions in the past that has hurt their sentiments. It is better to talk things out with them and try to make up to them. Businessmen may have to embark on a journey which will reward them with gains. Your finances will be good. Health wise, taking part in sports will help keep your weight under control.


Pisces: 20 February - 20 March

Things may not move according to your expectations at work this week as you may experience a lot of hurdles on your way. Financially too, you may be lured by the short cut to earn money which may prove to be disastrous for you. Do remember that hard work is the only sure shot and safe way to success. You may get good profits in your business. It is better to keep away from lending them to anyone as you may have a hard time recovering it. There may be tiff with your family members which may disturb your mental peace. But ignoring them and trying to run away from the problems will definitely not provide you with a solution. Your health will be good for the majority of the week.

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