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Things You Should Not Do While Ganesha Is At Your Home


The festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated for ten days. While most of the people keep Ganesha at their homes for the entire period of ten days, others keep him for three, five, seven or nine days as well.

Since Lord Ganesha comes as a guest at our homes, there are certain rules we need to follow so that he gets pleased with our service and dedication for him. Here are the things which you should not do while Ganesha is at your home. Read on.

What You Can Offer To Lord Ganesha During Chaturthi


First Bhoga

During these ten days, Ganesha is regarded as a guest. Hence, we should not consume anything without offering it to Ganesha first. Moreover, Hinduism prescribes offering the first share of the food to one's god. Therefore, we should offer the first share of all the meals of the day to Lord Ganesha. It includes milk and water as well. However, some people say that the first share of the first meal is sufficient.


Tamasik Activities

Activities which make a man ignorant and lazy are termed as Tamasik activities. Such activities are associated with demons and hence Hinduism prescribes avoiding these. More so during holy events and at holy places. It includes sex, gambling, theft, etc. Hence, one should abstain from these during the Ganesha Chaturthi festival. One should practice celibacy throughout the period Ganesha is there.

Tamasik Activities


Use Of Onion And Garlic

There are three types of foods mentioned in our scriptures, based on the type of energy they generate inside the body. Those which generate negative energy are believed to be associated with demons. Onion and garlic are two of them. We should not make use of onion and garlic in cooking or as raw, during these ten days. In fact, these should not be consumed during any sacred festival.


Use Of Alcohol & Meat

One should abstain from consuming alcohol as well. Lord Ganesha does not like those who consume alcohol during these days. We should abstain from consuming alcohol during these ten days of Ganesha Puja. Similarly, one should abstain from the consumption of non-vegetarian foods. Such foods are believed to be those of demons. Hence, they should be avoided.

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Never Leave Him Alone

As mentioned before, Ganesha is to be kept as a guest at home. He would not like it if we leave him and go out. All those observing the festival should make sure that they do not leave Lord Ganesha alone at home. Some person must stay in the house during these days of the festival.

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