These Tulsidas Dohas Will Be A Perfect Food For Thought

Tulsidas was a renowned poet of Hindi Literature. It is said that the author of Ramayana, Valmiki was reborn as Tulsidas. It was believed to be even truer after he wrote the second version of Ramayana in the form of Ramcharitmanas. Tulsidas was married to Ratnavali. He loved her more than anything. Once when she had gone to her hometown, Tulsidas went to meet her amidst heavy thunderstorm. His wife got worried because of this excess love for her. She advised Tulsidas not to love her so much. She said that if he ever had such love for God, he would have blessed him and improved his life.

Selected Tulsidas Dohas Will Be A Perfect Food Fr Thought

Such words of his wife put Tulsidas in despair and compelled him to think and rethink about it. After much pondering over this, Tulsidas abandoned the life of a householder and renounced the materialistic life. Out of his love for God, he began to compose poetry for God. Through his poetry he became popular, more so after composing the book Ramcharitmanas.

From among his collection of poetry in the form of Doha, we have brought to you some most popular ones, which can inspire you to ponder over the eternal truths that he wants to convey.


1. Asthi Charma Maya Deh Yaha, Ta Som Aesi Prit, Nek Jo Hoti Ram Se, Toh Kahe Bhav Bheet

These lines were written by Tulsidas, remembering what his wife had said to him -
Ratnavali says that while this body of mine is mortal and will one day be separated from you, still you love it so much, but if you had ever concentrated on God, you would have attained him who is immortal. Hence, true and undying love should be for the one who will support you even after death. Materialistic love fades away one day.

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2. Kam, krodh, madh, lobh ki jo lo man mein khan to lo pandit murkhoun tulsi ek saman

The one whose mind is controlled by lust, anger and greed, he is just like a stupid ignorant man even if he has read all the scriptures to become a learned priest. Hence, real knowledge is conquering the five senses and not just memorizing the holy books. Hence, one should learn to control the mind as well as the body.

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3. Karma Pradhan Viswa Kari Rakha Jo Jas Karayi So Tas Falu Chakha

God has established a world where Karma rules. Therefore, what Karma one does is what he gets back. Hence, it is Karma that one should try to achieve perfection in. Karma determines one's fate while he thinks it is God who decides it. But since he is the father and no father would ever write even a small pain in his life, it is Karma that revolves around the world and comes back to you.


4. Tulsi Meethe Vachan Te Sukh Upjat Chahu Or Basikaran Ik Mantra Ha, Pariharu Bachan Kathor

It is the good and kind words that can enlighten everybody; this is what can be used to win everybody's heart and favour. Similarly, we should use just words of peace and love and stay away from harsh and hurtful words. Kind words are what can turn a foe into a friend. Harsh words can only worsen a situation and complicate it further.

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    Story first published: Friday, September 28, 2018, 12:08 [IST]
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