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The Secret Of Lord Shiva's Third Eye


Lord Shiva, one of the holy trinities, is the deity who is the easiest to please among all. That is why he is also known as Bhole Nath.

But this easily pleased deity is equally known for his high temper as well. Lord Shiva is also the most fierce of the holy trinity.

Lord Shiva is the God of death and destruction. While Lord Brahma gives the universe its origin, Lord Vishnu is responsible for its nourishment and it is Lord Shiva who brings the mortal life to the end.

While visualizing the fierce face of Lord Shiva, his third eye is what comes first to the mind. But have you ever wondered what is the secret behind this third eye? All religious scriptures in Hinduism mention that Lord Shiva is a deity with three eyes. However, the stories behind this third eye are various.

Lord Shiva has protected the earth from destruction various times. Whenever he opens the third eye, it signifies emergency and trouble. A trouble to the evil.

Shiva And Kamdev

Once when Kamdev tried to distract Lord Shiva while he was in meditation, he became enraged and opened his third eye in anger. His third eye destroyed Kamdev, as is believed by many. Therefore, his third eye signifies fire. It is a indication to all the materialistic senses that they must not try to hinder the path of spirituality.

Lord Shiva And Goddess Parvati

Yet another story goes that when once Goddess Parvati closed Lord Shiva's eyes for the sake of fun, the whole universe went dark. Lord Shiva's two eyes symbolize the Sun and the Moon. So when Goddess closed his eyes, there was no light left. Therefore, Lord Shiva had to open his third eye to bring the lights back for the universe.

A Guide To The Yogis

This third eye of Lord Shiva also signifies enlightenment and awakening. It signifies his knowledge as a learned Yogi. It is an inspiration to all the Yogis and the hermits that came after him and to those there are today. Lord Shiva was a Yogi and had attained enlightenment after years of continuous meditation. The third eye is the eye of Gyan and righteousness. It is a guide to the saints and sages that came after him. They must aim for real awakening. Lord Shiva's third eye helped him see the past and the future. The hermits who have taken up meditation must strive to achieve a level that they can foresee the future. The third eye symbolizes extra gyan and Siddhi.

A Guide To The Common Man

Both our eyes help us perceive the materialistic world. These help our existence in the Karma Kshetra. This world, which lures us, might become a hindrance in the spiritual path of life. The spiritual path leads us to the ultimate goal of Moksha. At such times of distractions, we need to think and rethink. We need to guide ourselves and bring our mind back on to the right path. Lord Shiva's third eye symbolizes this awareness and awakening. It is an indication that at times of distractions, we must hold ourselves back, and ponder over what our real goal is.

अर्धनारीश्वर अवतार में भगवान शिव ने दिया संदेश | Secret of Ardhanareswar Avatar | Boldsky

Therefore, it also means that every human too has a third eye which he should use at times as an awakening when moral guidance is needed.

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