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The Qualities Of Krishna That You Must Admire


Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He took birth on earth in order to establish the rule of Dharma, that is righteousness. When the sins had increased to an uncontrollable height, he came as the saviour of his devotees. During the battle of Mahabharata, he was the guide of Arjuna.

As said by Barbarik (Lord Khatu Shyam), he was the one responsible for the victory of the Pandavas. However, described as the embodiment of perfection, he possessed a number of qualities which are worth learning for every human being. Take a look at what those good qualities of Krishna were.


Compassion refers to the quality of love for the one who is suffering. Lord Krishna had it to such an extent that when all the Kourava sons of Gandhari had died, he went to console her. However, instead of welcoming Krishna, she cursed him that one day he would also face the same fate when his clan will be completely destroyed just as hers. The compassionate Krishna understood the pain she was going through in her heart and accepted the curse.


When Kansa was ruling over Mathura, Krishna knew very well about his atrocities. However, waiting for the right time, he did not take any action, though he was potent enough for it, even as a child. He knew that it was Kansa who was sending the demons to him, yet he practised patience until the right time came.


Lord Krishna was very righteous in his dealings. A good man sees the good qualities of an evil person. Lord Krishna easily forgave the demon woman, Putana, who had prepared poison to be sucked from her breasts by baby Krishna. Such an enemy who wanted to kill him and cheated him with this aim, could not deserve forgiveness. However, Lord Krishna due to his kind heart not only set her free when she apologised before him but also called her 'mother'.


Lord Krishna was the embodiment of justice. When Ashvathama had committed the three sins of killing the sleeping sons of Pandavas, attacking Arjuna with the Brahmastra, and then changing the target of Brahmastra at pregnant Uttara, the wife of Abhimanyu, Sri Krishna still seemed to forgive him. A man who commits these sins needs no mercy, according to the scriptures. But since he was the son of Guru Dronacharya, killing the son of one's teacher would count as a sin too. Therefore, Krishna had found a diplomatic way between the two extremes.


Krishna was a good friend and a guide to Arjuna. Yet, before the battle of Mahabharata was to begin, Lord Krishna gave two choices to Duryodhan that either he may choose the whole army or Lord Krishna on his side. This was a clear indication that he practised impartiality in his dealings.


When Krishna had to leave for Mathura to kill Kansa, he left his friends whom he loved so dearly, without showing the least pain. He, who loved everyone with his entire heart, left his parents, friends and beloved Radha easily when the time came to do so.


Penance here refers to hard work he put in for the fulfilment of a target. Well, Krishna whose sole aim of life on Earth was the re-establishment of Dharma (righteousness), worked hard the most when he acted as the mediator between the Kouravas and the Pandavas. He worked hard the way he guided everyone and lead them to the Mahabharata, which would establish the Dharma in its true sense.


Lord Krishna is until today believed to be one of the most intelligent beings who's ever appeared on Earth. He asked Duryodhana to give five pieces of land, so that the war could be avoided. He was learned in all the Vedas and scriptures that an ideal person needs in order to practice righteousness.

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