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What You Can Eat On The Solar Eclipse Day

By Ishi

On 6 January 2019, the world will witness the first eclipse of the year. A partial solar eclipse, it will start at 4.08 am on 6 January and will continue till 9.18 am on the same day. This solar eclipse, which is most awaited by the astronomers worldwide, is predicted to be a treat to all the stargazers around the world, for it is the first such celestial event of the year. Let us find out more about the widely discussed phenomenon and its repercussions in the associated regions.

The eclipse will start around 5.04 am and continue for almost four hours till 9.18 am. Here is a brief explanation of a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon is in perfect alignment with the sun and the earth. So an observer passes through the shadow cast by the moon which partially or completely blocks the sun. In a total eclipse, the sun is completely blocked, and it is partially blocked in an annular or partial eclipse. The period of the solar eclipse is believed to be inauspicious and has many restrictions, the most common ones being around food.

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It is believed that the harmful rays during the eclipse cause indigestion. It is also said that the activity of various microorganisms is on the rise during this phenomenon. While many people may restrain from eating or drinking during this period, it may be impossible for some to do so. Pregnant women or people suffering from illnesses cannot go without food or water for a long time. But our ancestors have provided us with a solution to this problem as well. There are a set of foods that are deemed to be safe when consumed during an eclipse. These foods usually are easily digestible and can prove to be a great source of energy.

List Of Foods That Can Be Consumed During An Eclipse


1) Pears

Pears are considered to be rich in antioxidants and can safely be consumed during an eclipse. They are a powerhouse of nutrients and releases energy quickly. They are also cheap and easily available in our country, making them all the more popular.


2) Raw Fruits And Vegetables

The sun's powerful ultraviolet rays are said to be high during an eclipse. This is also one of the reasons why people avoid eating food. Raw fruits and vegetables are said to be least affected by these rays and therefore are considered to be safe to consume during an eclipse.


3) Ginger Water

Plain water may be contaminated during an eclipse. But adding ginger powder to the water and sipping it during an eclipse is completely safe and will keep you hydrated throughout the eclipse. During an eclipse, the effect of Kapha in the body increases and ginger tries to negate this effect.


4) Uncooked Food

Uncooked food, when stored safely can be eaten during an eclipse because it doesn't undergo much of a change. Also, packaged food items like snacks and biscuits can be consumed as well.

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5) Coconut Water

Another safe substitution to plain water, you can keep a stock of tender coconuts at home and consume them during the eclipse. Coconuts have a thick shells which provide good protection to the water inside. But make sure not to store the coconut water in a separate container. It is better to consume directly from the shell itself.

On the flip side, these are the foods that should be avoided during an eclipse:


1) Alcohol

Alcohol should totally be avoided during an eclipse as it may have a negative effect on your body. The effects of alcohol are said to increase during this inauspicious time.


2) High Protein Foods And Non-vegetarian Foods

High protein foods are said to be affected by the negative energies during the lunar eclipse and should be completely avoided. Non-vegetarian food takes a lot of time to digest, making it unsafe to be consumed during an eclipse.


3) Foods With High Water Content

During an eclipse, the ultraviolet radiations, which naturally destroy the bacteria in the atmosphere, become extremely low. This leads to uncontrolled growth of the microorganisms. This makes most of the consumable foods, especially the ones with high water content, unsafe for eating.

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