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Janmashtami 2019: A Video Guide To Decorate Lord Krishna Idol For Pooja

Janmashtami Puja Vidhi: जन्माष्टमी में ऐसे करें बाल गोपाल को तैयार | Boldsky

Janmashtami is one of the most awaited festivals of Hindus, which is celebrated with religious fervour pan India. The day is celebrated in the same way as it was done by the entire village of Gokul at the house of Nanda and Yashoda. This year, Lord Krishna's birthday will be celebrated on 24th August, Saturday.

While women observe the fast for the whole day, they perform puja at midnight when Lord Krishna is believed to have taken birth. All the members of the family as well as neighbours, sit together and wait for the moon to rise. As soon as it is sighted, they take bath and then offer water to the moon. This is followed by performing puja before the idol of baby Krishna and performing the parana thereafter.

How To Decorate Baby Krishna?

The idol of Krishna is dressed up in a beautiful attire and dressed up with ornaments, before performing the Janmashtami puja. Here we have brought you complete information on how to decorate Krishna for Janmashtami puja. Take a look.

Items Required:

  • A tray in which Lord Krishna has to be given a bath.
  • Krishna's clothes, and ornaments.
  • A small bed for Krishna.
  • Five fruits, a lamp, flowers, incense, a small garland of flowers, a bowl for preparing Panchamrit.
  • Milk, Ganga jal, honey sugar, curd and Tulsi leaves.

1. The procedure begins with preparing the Panchamrit, to be used for giving bath to Krishna. Take a bowl with a teaspoonful of milk in it. Add a teaspoon of Ganga jal. Now add another teaspoon of curd and honey. The fifth item to be added is the Tulsi leaves. Stir the mixture well. The Panchamrit is ready.

2. Take a plate and place the idol of baby Krishna in it. Give bath to him with the Panchamrit. After this, he should be given a bath with Ganga jal as well. Now wipe the water on the idol using a clean cloth.

3. Dress him up in the traditional attire that you have bought for him. Offer the garland and hand over the flute to him.

4. Finally, offer the crown on his head. Besides this, you can also offer bangles, anklets or other ornaments as well.

5. Now Krishna is ready to sit in his palki. Place him in the palki and offer the garland of flowers around him, as shown in the video. We can also offer a red rose to Lord Krishna inside the palki.

6. Then we offer the tilak to him. The tilak can be made of sandalwood paste or vermilion paste. Do not forget to put some rice (akshat) on the tilak.

7. As shown in the video, we should now place water, and butter with sugar added in it as prasad for Lord Krishna in the plate. Then we should offer five fruits to him. These fruits can consist of any five seasonal fruits. Offer tulsi leaves to Lord Krishna, after this.

8. This is followed by offering him morpankh (peacock's feather). And finally we have to light the lamp as well as incense before the deity. Then the arti can be performed.

9. You should also let Krishna sleep on his bed. Before this, all his ornaments have to be removed. Now place the idol on the bed with his head on the pillow. Do not forget to cover him as well, with his little blanket as shown in the video.

All You Need To Know About Janmashtami

Lord Krishna is worshipped in many forms. When the idol of baby Krishna is worshipped, he has to be taken care of just like a baby.

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