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Reasons Why Hanuman Was Born In The Form Of A Monkey

By Ajanta Sen

Hanuman is one of the important characters in the epic Ramayana. Lord Hanuman is the symbol of power. There are different meanings of the name of Lord Hanuman. Being the son of Vayu, he is known as Pavanputra. He is also called "Brahmachari" among his disciples.

Hanuman is commonly worshiped as the monkey god. There are many stories that explain the birth of Hanuman as a monkey. He is different from all other gods in Hinduism due to his sturdy physique.


The Role Of Shiva And Parvati

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Parvati decided to adapt themselves into monkeys and went into the forest to play some adoring games. Parvati became pregnant after that. Lord Shiva was very much well known about his godly responsibilities though he was in disguise and asked the god of wind "Vayu" to come and carry the offspring of Parvati.

Vayu placed the family in the womb of Anjana who prayed for a boy child. There was another story written in the Hindu Puranas about the birth of Hanuman, in which it was written that Anjana wanted a baby boy and for that she worshiped Lord Shiva, and on the other side, king Dasharatha (the father of Ram) was also performing a puja for getting a child. King Dasharath received a sacred pudding from the puja, and the god of wind Vayu delivered the small amount of this pudding to the hand of Anjana and she consumed it and the monkey hero was born.


Anjaneya: The Son Of Anjana

Anjana, an apsara with the form of a monkey who was worshiping Shiva gave birth to a baby boy, and received the offspring of Parvati. Hanuman was born as a result of this, and for this reason, Hanuman is also known as Anjaneya.


Symbol Of Strength And Bravery

Hanuman is commonly worshiped for his strength and courage. He is also known as the symbol of devotion, sacrifice, and service. Hanuman protects his devotees from devils and helps them to come out from their ill fate.


Role In Ramayana

Hanuman played a vital role in Ramayana. Hanuman sent the messages of Rama to Sita in Lanka and took the leadership of the monkey army in the battle of Lanka.


Power Of A Monkey

As a monkey, Hanuman had additional powers that is crossing long distance, and in the battle of Lanka, he also used his tail to destroy the whole city of Lanka. As a baby, Hanuman was mischievous in nature. He was very active and energetic during his childhood. In young age, he became the idol of loyalty and service. He devoted his life to the service of Lord Ram.


Leader Of The Monkeys

According to the Indian mythology, Hanuman is the son of the queen of monkeys and took the leading part in the monkey army in the battle of Lanka during the Ram-Raavan war.

Stories Of Hanuman

Stories of Hanuman always inspire the children and give them the spirit to fight against all the evils. Lord Hanuman shows us the way to overcome all the obstacles in life.

It was also written in some ancient stories that Lord Brahma wished the gods to be innate as monkey or bear and help Sri Ram. There was another story in which we find that lord Shiva in the form of Hanuman comes to help Ram who was Vishnu in his original form.

Along with Hinduism, Hanuman is also worshiped in Buddhism and Jainism. Hanuman is also revered in other countries like Myanmar, Bali, Malaysia, and Thailand. Hanuman, the heroic character of Ramayana, always shows us the correct path of life and gives us the spirit to kick out the evil forces in ourselves.

Story first published: Monday, January 1, 2018, 14:53 [IST]
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