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Lunar Eclipse 2019: Mistakes To Avoid During The Lunar Eclipse

By Ishi
Chandra Grahan : चंद्र ग्रहण में भूल कर भी न करे ये 21 गलतियाँ | lunar eclipse| Boldsky

The partial lunar eclipse will be observed on 16 and 17 July 2019, the second and last lunar eclipse of the year. In India, the penumbral lunar eclipse will start from 12:13 am on 17 July. At 1:31 am, it will change into a partial lunar eclipse and maximum eclipse will be seen at 3:00 am. Again, it will enter into penumbral lunar eclipse after which the partial lunar eclipse ends at 4:29 am. Finally, the penumbral lunar eclipse will end at 5:47 am.

The entire duration of the lunar eclipse will be for 5 hours and 34 minutes, while the partial lunar eclipse will be running for a total duration of 2 hours and 58 minutes.

As per the experts, a lunar eclipse is also capable of causing a tsunami, volcano eruption, cyclone, or even fire incidents. Amidst these chances, it is suggested that you do not make the below-mentioned 17 mistakes.

Since the Sutak Kal will begin nine hours prior to the onset of the eclipse, it is better to avoid these mistakes, especially during this period.

Lunar Eclipse: Mistakes to Avoid

1. Pregnant women must avoid going out on lunar eclipse day.

2. Avoid any form of entertainment on the lunar eclipse day. This might bring inauspiciousness in life.

3. As there are high chances of negative instances, it is advisable that you do puja before the onset of the Sutak Kal. Also, it is better if you chant the name of Lord Shiva and even recite the Hanuman Chalisa.

4. Eating already cooked food has to be avoided on the eclipse day. Cooking is also not to be done.

5. Astrologers say people must abstain from non-vegetarian food as well. Spirituality says non-vegetarian food attracts negative energy faster.

6. In fact, it is also believed that water must also be avoided. This notion is believed because the Moon is associated with the element, water. But since not consuming water is not possible, you can add tulsi leaves to gangajal and can consume it.

7. We must also not consume milk or curd and should add tulsi leaves in it, if we have to store them.

8. Leaves of sacred trees should not be plucked during the eclipse. Therefore, make sure that you pluck the leaves and add them in water, milk and curd before the onset of the Sutak Kal.

9. Couples are advised to practice Brahmacharya for the eclipse period. Brahmacharya here implies refraining from intercourse.

10. You are also advised not to use sharp-edged tools such as knives or scissors. This might attract malicious effects of the eclipse.

11. The temples remain closed at the time of the eclipse, in order to protect the idols from the effects of the eclipse. Dev Pujan should not be done at home as well. As mentioned earlier, you can perform puja before the Sutak Kal begins.

12. It is preferable to keep the puja room covered with a curtain. In fact, many people even keep the idols of the gods covered with a cloth.

13. Try to keep calm and avoid speaking too much during the Sutak Kal.

14. Sleeping is also one of the activities you should avoid as the elements of negative energy in the atmosphere can affect us while we are asleep.

15. Smoking and intoxication on an eclipse day are also believed to be harmful. The probability of the harmful effects of these activities in the body increase under an eclipse. Hence, it is better to stay away from such activities completely for the day.

16. Avoid buying new clothes, shoes or even books. In short, it is better if you avoid shopping entirely on the eclipse day.

17. Since the eclipse is to occur in Capricorn, people of this zodiac are advised to practice special care.

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