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Improve Your Relations With The Help Of Spirituality


We know that there are three forms of energies in the atmosphere. These energies are radiated as well as attracted by all the beings on the earth. These energies are the Satva, the Rajas and the Tamas. While the Satva is associated with qualities of godliness and positive vibrations, the other two are mainly associated with the materialistic world and deal with negative or mixed qualities, such as hatred, laziness, jealousy, lust, anger etc.

Human beings possess all three of the energies mentioned above, in larger or smaller proportions. The ratio of these energies depends on various factors, such as genes, lifestyle and the upbringing of the person. The dominant energy is what rules the mind of an individual and makes up his personality. Whatever we possess is what we can give to others. So the energy that we have inside is what we can ultimately radiate around.

This concept of energies also determines the kind of relationship we have with a person. It is the kind of elements and the energies that we radiate towards them. This is a simple rule of spirituality.

For example, it sometimes happens, that two persons do not like to meet each other. The reason may be some past grudges that they have had. Hence, when they meet each other, they hold feelings of hatred and radiate the same towards them. This hatred is just like a ball, that you pass on to the other side and which the other person is supposed to send back to you.If that person accepts your ball of hatred, he will throw it back to you.

Again you have to transfer the ball to him and the cycle goes on like this every time you meet them. This game can cover distances as long as you command the ball to cover. It is like the message, an abstract message that definitely will reach its destination. This abstract message will create the same thoughts in the minds of the other person. It is like sending a text to your friend with 'I hate you' written in it. So you know the kind of reactions that we can expect in such cases. Therefore it is about the thoughts that are exchanged between two people. No matter whether the communication is verbal or it is abstract.

This is the case when we know the other person already. Now take another case. Sometimes, upon meeting some new people we do not feel good at all, while at the same time, the company of some cheers us up. And we keep on wondering why we are so lightened up meeting them. All this again depends upon the type of energy that is exchanged.

The ball that is sent is a happy ball in this case. This happy ball, or thoughts of happiness radiate positive energy and hence you like the company. According to some spiritual philosophies, this connection with unknown people is based on the type of relationship that we have had with them in the past life or the previous birth. We know that the bodies perish but the energy is immortal. The energy targeted to a soul will reach it when it finds it around. This is how are likes and dislikes are determined about the people we actually haven't met before.

The force acting behind all our feelings about the people around is the energy that is transmitted from one being to the other.

Now the question comes, how can we improve the relations which are not good. Well any problem can be solved once we have reached its root cause. So cheer up, improving your relations is not that difficult too. After all it is just a game of balls.

By now you must have realised that it is what goes out that comes back. Good or bad, positive or negative, hatred, jealousy or love whichever ball you throw, has to come back to you. So the next time you throw a ball, make sure it is not a negative one. And when the other person throws a ball towards you, take it, change the energy and send it back.

This is where spirituality comes into play. You have to add some elements of Satva. You have to take the ball of hatred, add some energy of forgiveness and send it back. Now the ball that you are sending is a bigger ball, which has the elements of hatred and forgiveness in some proportion. Make sure that the ratio of forgiveness is more in it. The next thing is, send another ball of love, which will certainly come back to you the next time you meet them.

Now obviously you do not have to sit making these balls of energies and calculating the ratios. But it is not a rocket science as well. All, you have to do, is forgive the person first. You have to do all his form within the heart. Begin by saying that you like them. Saying this will tell your brain that you do so. And then believe it in your heart that you actually like them. Accept them as they are and start loving them. The energies in the ball that they are sending to you will change its ratio some day and all left between you and the other person will be all positive vibes.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 10, 2018, 17:29 [IST]
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