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Mahasanyoga On Amavasya Saturday (Aug 11); Ways To Please Shani Dev

Shani Amavasya: अमावस्या पर होगा ये नक्षत्र यानि किसी भी उपाय के लिए सर्वोत्तम दिन | Boldsky

Mahasanyoga is a Sanskrit word that refers to the occurrence of two or more events together. The literal meaning of the word is - a great occurrence. So, the occurrence of Amavasya along with an eclipse and a Saturday on August 11, makes it an event of high astrological importance. When the Amavasya falls on a Saturday, it is called Shanishchari Amavasya. Worshipping Shani Dev on such a day pleases him and he forgives all the sins of the person.

Here we would like to tell you that negative energies become prominent on days such as Amavasya and Saturday. These active energies might become a reason for inauspiciousness in a person's life. However, since this Amavasya is falling on a Saturday, it is an important time to please Shani Dev, who besides offering protection from all the negative effects, also forgives for the mistakes of past life. Here we have brought you a list of things which you can do in order to please Shani Dev.

How To Please Shani Dev On Amavasya Saturday

Chant the mantras:

Om Prim Prim Prom Sah Shanishcharay Namah


Om Sham Shanishcharaya Namah

After chanting these mantras, donate khichdi (porridge) made with black lentils or any other dish prepared in sesame seeds oil. This helps to remove Shani Dosha.

Worship Shani Dev's Idol Under Peepal Tree

Worship Shani Dev's idol, placed under a Peepal tree, by offering oil on it. Offering black sesame seeds to an ant along with jaggery is also believed to give the blessings of Shani Dev. It is believed that we should never light a lamp before an idol of Shani Dev. Lord Shani can be pleased by making donations as well.

Worship Lord Hanuman

According to some beliefs, Lord Hanuman had rescued Shani Dev when Ravana captivated him. He even applied oil on Shani Dev' body, which brought him some relief. That is why mustard oil is offered to Shani Dev and worshipping Hanuman also pleases Shani Dev. It is said that Shani Dev never gets annoyed with those who worship Lord Hanuman.

Shani Dev Removes Dhaiya

Keep eight almonds, eight small boxes of kajal covered in a black cloth, somewhere in a trunk or other such big box, kept in the puja room. Doing this will remove the effects of Dhaiya. Dhaiya is the period when Saturn's transition from one rasi to another takes two and a half years. It is believed to be an inauspicious condition though not always.

Worship Peepal Tree

On Shanishcharai Amavasya day, offer seven kinds of cereal to a Peepal tree and light a lamp in mustard oil. It is necessary to chant the Bhairava, Hanuman and Shani Chalisa after this. Do not forget to do seven parikramas around the tree.

Feed A Dog

Beside all these, offering sweet chapati to a dog also brings benefits to the devotee. Shani Dev surely blesses a person who does this every day. A black cow is also served food on this day. Offer water to it and put a tilak on its forehead. We should donate shoes and slippers made of leather this Saturday.

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