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Ever Seen These Indications Of Good Luck From Nature?


Jyotish Shastra, also known as Vedic astrology, is not about the positioning of the planets and their effects on your life alone. There is a lot more to it. For example, it can tell you about how the nature gives you the indications that good things are yet to come.

It says, when your life has to give you something good, the nature too starts giving you hints about it. Let us now explore what are the indications that mother nature gives us, for the sweet surprises that are about to come in our life.

If you see yourself climbing a big wall or a mountain, or simply standing on it, it is a clear indication that that you are going to achieve great heights in your career. Similarly, there are other such signs that you can have a look at below.

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Sneezing is generally considered inauspicious for every job. If somebody sneezes at the beginning of a task, it is believed that the task will not meet its success. A double sneeze is considered good though. However, if you sneeze during the breakfast, it is believed that you will be successfully able to complete the task of the day.


Seeing a coconut while you are on the way is another indication for the success of the task you have in hand. It is considered more auspicious if you are going for an interview.

A Flower Or Leaf From The Feet Of The God

Another auspicious indication is when suddenly a flower drops from the feet of God when you are offering your prayers to him. It implies that the wish will get fulfilled soon. The same is applied by the falling of a leaf.


Seeing a cow before or while on your way, is another auspicious indication. Cow is believed to bless a person with success and fulfilment. Similarly, seeing a peacock too is considered auspicious. Peacock and cow are dear to Lord Krishna.

Coin On The Road

It implies an improvement in your financial condition, if you see a coin on the road. It indicates a relief from the debts. It brings good luck too.

Spider Running Through The Cobweb

If early morning, you see a spider running in the cobweb, it is also considered auspicious. It means that the aim will be fulfilled.

Dog, Snake or Monkey While On A Journey

If you are on a journey and you see a monkey, dog, snake, etc., on your left-hand side, it means you will be getting money in the coming time. They denote good luck if seen under such conditions.

Seeing A Bride

If you are on the way to see a girl for yourself, and you come across a bride in red, prepared to get married, take it as an indication that your life partner will be a really good and a lucky one. You will make a great couple together.

Realizing That You Forgot Something

Sometimes, it happens that just after leaving the house, we realize having forgotten something. According to Vedic astrology, this realization just after leaving the house, points towards the coming success.

Flower On The Road

If you see a flower on the floor or on the road, while going to write an exam, this means that you will achieve success in the exam. Similarly, seeing a vessel of curd or butter, soon after getting up, is considered auspicious too.

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Vessel Filled With Water

While going for some work, seeing a vessel filled with water on the way is another indication for the success coming your way.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 15:10 [IST]
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