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Effects of Lunar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs and Remedies


The biggest lunar eclipse of the century is going to occur on Jul 27, 2018. It is the second big eclipse of the year. On the same day, shall we celebrate, Guru Purnima. This eclipse will occur on July 27, 2018,from 11:54 pm on July 27, to 3:55 am on July 28.

As the eclipse in occurring in Capricorn, the house of Lord Shani, both the Saturn as well as Moon will be showing their effects on it. Sagittarius, Capricorn and Scorpion are going through the Saade Saati period. Saade Saati refers to the period of seven years for which the planet Saturn stays in one zodiac. Both the lunar eclipse as well as a Saade Saati caused by the Saturn, will give negative effects to these zodiacs.

However, the Sutak Kal (the inauspicious timings caused due to an eclipse) will start from 2:00 pm on July 27 itself. Sutak Kal refers to the time around the occurring of an eclipse, which is considered inauspicious for certain things. It is said that the negative energy of the eclipse becomes active with the onset of the Sutak Kal. It is also believed that the effects of an eclipse remain for a period of 108 days. Here we have mentioned the effects that will be seen in all the zodiacs in detail. Take a look.

All You Need To Know About Lunar Eclipse

Aries: Lunar eclipse brings highly auspicious time for this zodiac. This July 27 eclipse indicates monetary gains combined with new and better opportunities professionally.

Taurus: The eclipse timings indicate better opportunity in career. . At such times, reciting the Hanuman Chalisa might work wonders.

Gemini: Health-wise some negative results might be seen. They might have to go through some difficulties. But that's not all, this eclipse brings good chances of monetary gains for individuals with this zodiac too.

Cancer: As we know, the Lord of this zodiac is the moon itself. And moon going through eclipse implies a hard time for Cancerians. You need to be cautious to ensure safety.

Leo: The Leos have a special happy go lucky attitude, which becomes a big reason that they can handle the most difficult situations with ease. Though they might see clashes among the family members, there are good chances of happy news too. So for them, the eclipse brings mixed results.

Virgo: Individuals who belong to this zodiac are advised to chant Shiva mantras and offer prayers to him. This will attract his blessings and good luck for the day.

Libra: The eclipse brings good news for Librans, there are high chances of profits in matters related to property as well as business.

Scorpion: Though the eclipse brings mixed results for people with this zodiac, chances of getting better opportunities in the coming times are high.

Sagittarius: The individuals with this zodiac might have to face some tensions because of family issues as well as money related tensions.

Capricorn: Time for worry comes with the lunar eclipse for the people of this zodiac, as the chances indicate. Monetary as well as mental worries are indicated by the eclipse which is mainly occurring in Capricorn.

Aquarius: Physical and mental worries are indicated on the eclipse day for the people with this zodiac. Hence, can say the indications are negative.

Pisces: Individuals with this zodiac need to be careful in matters related to health. However, the effects for them are minimal.

Thus, the eclipse brings mixed results overall for the zodiac signs. However, you must not forget to offer prayers, which will increase the good chances and reduce the negative effects.

Why Singles Should AVoid Watching It

Remedies To Reduce The Effects Of The Eclipse

It is a lunar eclipse, and Lord Shiva bears the Moon on his forehead. Therefore, the individuals of the zodiac who have high chances of negative effects, should chant the mantras of Lord Shiva. You can chant the Guru Mantra: Om Namoh Shivaay. Taurus individuals are advised to recite the Hanuman Chalisa. Chanting the mantras radiates positivity and removes negative vibes. Do not pluck the leaves of Tulsi plant during the eclipse. Pluck some leaves before the Sutak Kal and put them in milk as well as in curd. Try not to go out during this period and not to watch this eclipse. The singles and the pregnant women are mainly advised to avoid watching it. When the eclipse is over, do not forget take bath. Sprinkle Gangajal in your house, when the eclipse is over. Making donations after the eclipse will help get positive results, including removal of diseases.