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Do You Know What Many People Believe About The Changing Moon Phases?


Science says that the changing moon phases is because of its changing relative position in space with respect to the earth. Do you know when it all began? There is a story which speaks about how and when the moon began changing its positions, such that the shape seems like it is changing. Read on.

Lord Ganesha Overate One Day

Lord Ganesha, who is the most revered deity, not for kids alone but for elders as well, is the one who blesses every function and makes it successful. He is worshipped before any other deity though he himself has a lot of imperfections, such as a pot belly, an elephant head with a human body, a broken tusk, etc. Yet he is known for bringing perfection to everything.

Our parents and grandparents always tell us not to forget Bappa, and to pray to him whenever attending an event such as an exam, an interview or some competition in school, college, etc. He was blessed by Lord Shiva, according to which he is to be worshipped before all the other deities. He is also seen as the epitome and embodiment of happiness and prosperity.

As a child god, it is believed that he was respected and loved by all the other gods. However, there is a belief that says they sometimes did not like to see this cute god at functions; the reason being his unsatisfied appetite. It is believed in mythology that in every function he attended in the Devaloka (place where gods live), he would eat excessively.

This would become a problem not only for his own body, but also because very little food would be left for the others. Hence, though he was invited to every function, they were afraid of his eating habits. Not only this, it is said that he would even take sweets along while on the way back. Probably this is one of the reasons he is considered to be overloaded with cuteness.

There goes a story which relates to one such incident of Lord Ganesha and his uncontrolled eating habits. Once he attended a religious function where there were many delicious items to eat. The sweet items were what he loved most. It was a bright night, when Moon was shining brightly, witnessing everything that happened under his throat, on earth.

Moon Laughed At Ganesha

Ganesha, having overeaten, was returning home. His belly was filled to such an extent that stumbled and fell on the ground. The sweets that he carried fell down and he even got his clothes torn. He got up quickly to make sure nobody saw him like that, lest he would be laughed at. The moment he moved his eyes around, in all the directions, he heard Chandra Dev (the moon god) laughing. He was laughing really hard at him when he realised that Ganesha's face was full of fury. Feared Chandra knew that he was going to be punished. But what he didn't know was that the punishment was going to be so harsh.

Ganesha Enraged

Enraged Ganesha cursed Chandra Dev, that from now onwards he would become completely invisible and that nobody will be able to see what he called his beauty. Shocked, the curse worried Chandra Dev, for he believed that he was the most handsome in the universe and he catches the attention of lovers. He loved being admired for his handsome looks.
But since he would be visible to no one now, his charming looks will be of no use, and he would not be admired by them.

Disheartened at this thought, he realised that he was too proud and that he should not have mad fun of Ganesha. He apologised to Ganesha and asked that he be forgiven. And as we know very well, Ganesha gets pleased soon. Ganesha soon realised that the curse once given cannot be taken back, after all words gone from the mouth never come back.

However, to make it little easier for Moon, Lord Ganesha said that from then on, Moon will keep or reducing his size and regaining it back throughout the month. Though not completely satisfied, Chandra Dev felt relieved.

Do You Know These Things About Ganesha ?

Mythology says that this was the day and the reason that the moon waxes and wanes throughout two fortnights.

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