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5 Easy Ways To Get Rid of Bad Luck


Many a time, we feel that our life is not moving on the right track. Sometimes things do not work out right for us despite our constant hard work and best efforts. In fact, the entire universe seems to have conspired against us. People even start believing that it is because of some bad luck coming their way that the good results are not following. Well, while luck can be a factor, such a notion can lead to negativity and frustration also, making you have such thoughts.

Yet, if it is a bad luck, then we have brought you a list of five such things which can help remove bad luck. Read on.


1. Keys

Well, while keys are used only in key rings, it is also said that wearing keys around one's neck can help increase good luck too. In fact, it is said that wearing three keys helps in attracting even more good luck. The three keys represent health, wealth and love, each. These do not have to be your cupboard or locker keys. Many other types of small fancy keys available designed for necklaces can be chosen from, as available in the market.


2. Incense

One of the most popular remedies to ward off negative energies from the house is by lighting incense. While almost everybody lights incense in the house, not everybody knows the real reason behind this age-old tradition. It is said that lighting incense which is made using ghee and extracts of flowers, helps to remove negative vibes.

What is more important to remember here is that one should not use the sticks, rather the rolls of incense known as dhoop should be used. Sticks are made using bamboo wood, the use of which during puja is considered inauspicious.


3. Prayers

There is no better remedy to make yourself feel lighter and luckier than feeling the presence of some divine power around yourself. While praying, you do not have to seek the fulfilment of any wish. Just sit in front of God and feel his presence; tell yourself that God is constantly watching all that is happening in your life.

This will bring in positivity and you will begin to realize whether it is really a bad luck or just your misunderstanding of the things that God is doing.


4. Donations

A lot of emphasis has been given to charity in our scriptures. In fact, it is considered important in every religion. No fast is considered complete without making some donations. It is said that the money we give away as donation comes back in the form of blessings from them. Helping the poor and needy is one of the best ways to get connected to God and remove bad luck.

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5. Coins

There is a belief that if you find a coin lying on the ground, you should pick it up and put it in your left pocket. However, picking a coin which is lying upside down, is not recommended by some. It is considered even luckier if a damaged coin comes to you as a change after a purchase. One should not use these coins and should wear them around the neck or keep them in the left pocket.

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