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Sun And Moon: What They Indicate In Astrology

By JayaShree

As you know that astrology is all about a symbolic representation of your life; it has indicators for all the sectors of your life. Whether it's career, or your children, or your neighbours, or yourself. Likewise, your parents also have indicators in astrology and they are none other than the Sun and Moon. You should realize that astrology is not 100% accurate as well.

There are so many theories out there like Hollow Moon Theory showing that the Moon is an artificial object placed by the aliens to mentally manipulate the human race.The Hollow Moon theory is very famous and widely discussed

None can ever put a full stop on these theories, but the truth is that the Sun and Moon make our life meaningful and enjoyable. A day will not shine if the Sun is behind the clouds and a full moon night can't be romantic if the Moon is surrounded by the clouds.

When we talk about astrology, it is a must that we should show what our ancient sacred texts say about various features of astrology. Jyotishya is a part of an ancient text called the Vedas. Among the 5 deities: Vishnu, Ganesha, Shiva, Shakthi and Surya, who are worshiped by the Hindus, Surya is the only deity who is in the visible form. In astrology, the Sun is shown as the Soul. The Sun is considered the natural Atma Karaka, meaning an indicator of the soul.

In Rig Veda Mandala 3: Verse 62, which is celebrated as Gayatri Mantra, it says:

RV_03.062.10.1{10} tat saviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi

RV_03.062.10.2{10} dhiyo yo nah pracodayat

Tat = that, Savitur = Sun/light, Varenyam = most excellent, Bhargo = enlighten, Devasya = divine grace, Dheemahi = "we contemplate" Dhi = intellect, Yo = "who", Nah = "ours", Prachodayat = "requesting/urging/praying".

When we go through the entire set of Vedas, we can see Rishis praising the Sun as being the soul and the preserver of the universe. Vedas say that the Sun is the most powerful form of the nucleus. Yes, we can assume Sun is the luminary object, posted by the divine energy to preserve life on Earth.

There are many religions that worship one god or several gods. Whatever it may be, they all believe that God created the Sun.

Every religious text assures that the Sun was fitted in the sky as the greatest luminary object to shine on Earth and it is the base of all the forms of energy, namely, mechanical, electrical or light energy. Without the Sun, there is no life, at least in a literal sense.

Sun is the representation of your power, soul, authority, government, ego, father and self-esteem in astrology. Sun rules the East. It also rules Grishma - the season.

As you know, there are 12 signs in astrology, and the Sun rules only 1 sign. That is Leo. Leo is the 5th house in the natural zodiac and it is the sign that signifies romance, self-promotion, creativity and children. Sun shows the stage and it is the indicator for various kinds of creative skills, including singing.

Sun is exalted (prominent) in the sign of Aries. When you see Sun in the 1st house, if it is not in the sign of Libra, we say that the Sun has complete directional strength or he is Digbali.

Dig =direction, Bali= strength.

Dig bali and Dig bal are used in 2 ways.

Sun likes to be in the forefront of the chart and he rises in the East, so he gets Digbal. Libra is the house in the west side of the natural zodiac wheel, so the Sun loses directional strength or Digbala when it is in the west. In the west, the Sun sets, but if you actually see from a scientific point of view, the Sun never rises or sets and these are just symbolic representations.

So, the Sun is the representation of your power, soul, authority, government, ego, father and self-esteem. You can learn a lot about these things through the placement of the Sun.

Astrology throws light on many aspects of your life. It is you who is going to decide on whether you are going to use that knowledge constructively or destructively. So, use your free will in a constructive mode when you venture into astrology.

If you are a person with relationship issues with elders, father, government, or you have an ego issue, then check how your Sun is placed. You can of course see your Sun in a compromising situation. You should understand the planetary alignment in the birth chart, which may show the challenges and strengths. There are no charts only with struggles and challenges.

That also depends on the perspectives. When you see your Sun is in a tough situation, for example, Sun in Libra. In Libra, the Sun is debilitated. A planet in debilitation means the attributes of that planet will bring hurdles in your life.

That is your cross and you should not think that anything can cancel the debilitation. Take that as your challenge. Study the features of the Sun and what your life is producing until now. Think how you faced these matters. Do you feel the need to change the strategies so that you can be more effective in life?

Do A SWOT Analysis

Change Your Strategy

Mark Your Growth

Try To Improve Your Confidence

Now let's see what the Moon signifies in astrology.

According to Sage Bhrigu, Moon means mother, peace, fertility and nourishment. Moon rules one sign and that's Cancer. Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus and debilitated in the sign of Scorpio, in terms of astrology.

You must have read so many articles that exaltation is totally good and debilitation is totally bad. I have seen so many people happily telling me that the planets X,Y, Z are in exaltation and I know a guy who totally became an introvert and speechlessly broken after someone told him that his Sun is " Neech" aka in debilitation.

Exaltation and debilitation are extreme points, but we can't say exaltation is great or debilitation is bad. Every placement has its own positive and negative sides. Certain planets in exaltation also bring challenging situations and some in a debilitation position bring in positive situations as well.

The Moon doesn't like to be in Scorpio, only because Scorpio signifies complex and hard matters like financial stress, partnerships, emotional relationships, stress, mantra, and tantra. These matters need a lot of planning and strategical moves, whereas Moon which is the fastest among all planets will surely feel burdened dealing with all these complex matters.

Moon gets directional strength in the Northwest side of the chart. It means towards the left side of your chart.

When you see Moon in a tough placement in the chart, then you should see it as a call, and be totally reliant in the divine energies. You may have to go an extra mile in finding happiness within yourself. You should not get depressed by reading this, and instead, you should realize that the true happiness is in getting connected with the divine force.

Astrology is just one branch of knowledge which shows our cosmic programming. May be we are unaware of the other forces acting on us.

When you see the Moon in a complex mode, think of how it can improve our thought process, since the Moon signifies the mind. You should understand that our thoughts are so powerful and they have the power to control our actions, then you should frame your mind to produce productive thoughts.

How can you frame your mind? Well, feed your mind with good philosophies, read ancient texts, they show how people in the ancient world managed their life, these ancient texts have success stories as well as those showing the failure ones. Learn from success stories on what strategy you should adopt and learn from failures what you should not do.

It is ultimately your choice on what you have to think and act. Planetary placement shows your traits.

In the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6:Verse 5 Lord Krishna Says,

Uddharet Atmana Atmanam Natmanam Avasadayet

Atmaiva Hyatmano Bandhuratmaiva Ripuratmanah.

Which means,

One must elevate, not degrade, oneself

By one's own mind.

The mind alone is one's friend

As well as one's enemy.

Therefore, astrology is nothing but high-end psychology and you should carefully read and understand the above Holy Scriptures. You can find scriptures with similar meaning in almost all ancient religious texts.

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