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Reasons Why Women Should Wear Silver Toe Ring

By: Debdatta Mazumder

In India, wearing toe rings for married women is an ancient tradition. According to the epic Ramayana, when Ravana took Sita with him, she dropped her toe rings on the way, so that Lord Ram could understand where she had been taken to.

So, the history of toe rings in the Indian tradition is significant. After marriage, every women must wear toe ring on the second finger of their feet.

The ring has to be made of silver. In Hindi, it is known as 'Bichiya'. In Telugu, it is called 'Mettelu', 'Kalungura' in Kannada and 'Metti' in Tamil. So, you understand that it is interwoven with the Indian tradition, and imperative of state and culture.

Now, you may ask why gold ring is not worn on the toes. Actually, according to the Hindu tradition, gold is worshipped as Goddess Lakshmi. So, wearing gold under waistline is not allowed among the Hindus.

You will be surprised to know that wearing silver ring is not only common among the Hindus, but also among the Muslim married women. It is true that today wearing toe rings has become a fashion statement; however, there are certain traditional beliefs behind it. Have a look.

reasons why married women wear toe ring

1. Erotic Effects: Married women are allowed to wear silver toe rings on the second toe of each foot. It is believed traditionally that silver has some effects in arousing a person and also the sexual desire among married women. Therefore, they wear it.

2. Treats Gynaecological Problems: According to Ayurveda, the nerve of the second toe is connected with the uterus of a woman. So, if women wear a ring on those toes, their toes and nerves will be in a great condition always. And that is good for solving any gynaecological issues.

reasons why married women wear toe ring

3. Improves Menstrual Cycle: The regularity of menstrual cycle denotes better reproductive system in women. The connection of the second toe and the uterus keeps your menstrual system regular, which is very important for married women.

4. Keeps You Energetic: Silver is a wonderful conductor. Wearing silver means you get all the positive energies of the world in you. Wearing it on the feet means the positive energies flow upwards and the negative ones flush out from your body through the toe and go inside of the earth. Ayurveda says having some metal on your body is good.

reasons why married women wear toe ring

5. Strengthens Your Heart: The nerve from the second toe goes to your heart through the uterus. To supply positive energy to your heart and to remove all the negative thoughts, married women wear a pair of silver toe rings on the second toe of their feet.

So, these are certain reasons why Indian married women wear silver rings on their toes. No matter how fashionable it is today, but following the tradition is not bad always. Try it and it will suit you truly.

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