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Pleasing Ashta Lakshmi On Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja

By Subodini Menon

The Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja is one of the most pious and auspicious festivals for the Hindu population living in the states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Telengana and Andhra Pradesh. It is also celebrated as Lakshmi pooja in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Every year, Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja is celebrated on the first Friday of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Shravana. The day falls on the August 4th in the year 2017 as per the Gregorian calander.

Vara Mahalakshmi is an important festival for all devotees of Goddess Maha Lakshmi. It is said that Goddess Maha Lakshmi favors this day and who so ever pleases her on this day is blessed with all kinds of wealth, health and happiness. Women worship Goddess Maha Lakshmi on the day of Vara Maha Lakshmi to ensure good health and long lives of their husbands.

The Hindus believe that the person who performs the Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja with a true heart and devotion pleases all the eight forms of Maha Lakshmi. Read on to know more about the Ashta Lakshmi and learn how to please them all on the occasion of Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja.


Adi Lakshmi

Adi Lakshmi is the form of Lakshmi depicted in it primordial form. The form is elemental and is the source of all energy in every living being. She is the Lakshmi that appeared from the Ksheera Sagara and is considered the most pure and auspicious thing that came out of the ocean of milk. To please her, all you need is a pure mind and true devotion. She blesses the devotee with peace and true happiness of heart.


Dhana Lakshmi

Dhana means wealth. Dhana Lakshmi is the bestower of wealth and financial prosperity. This form of Maha Lakshmi is more materialistic as compared to the Adi Lakshmi. On a spiritual level, Dhana Lakshmi can also be interpreted as the giver of wealth that enriches the soul rather than the mortal body.

To please Dhana Lakshmi, Donations and charity is considered the most appropriate. When pleased, she showers the devotee with prosperity and wealth of his choice.


Dhanya Lakshmi

The word Dhanya can be translated to grains or food. Dhanya Lakshmi is considered the form of Maha Lakshmi that is responsible for the nourishment of every living being in the world. People who are involved in agriculture and other means of producing food pray to her.

To please Dhanya Lakshmi, it is best to feed people of low means. In return, the Goddess blesses her devotee with nourishment of the body and the mind.


Gaja Lakshmi

Gaja is the Sanskrit word for elephants. Elephants have always been associated with royalty. It is said that it was in the form of Gaja Lakshmi that Goddess Maha Lakshmi helped Lord Indra to restore the wealth that he had lost in the ocean. Due to this very reason, Goddess Gaja Lakshmi is revered as the protector of wealth.

To please Gaja Lakshmi, a devotee may choose to perform Gaja Lakshmi Pooja. If you are in a situation of financial loss or are in debt, Goddess Gaja Lakshmi will surely help you.


Santhana Lakshmi

Santana Lakshmi is the Goddess that blesses her devotees with good off springs. If you are unable to bear a child, you must pray to Santhana Lakshmi.

To please the Goddess, Santhana Lakshmi Homam is considered the most auspicious. With Goddess Santhana Lakshmi's grace, you shall be blessed with virtuous children.


Veera Lakshmi

Veera Lakshmi is the Goddess of courage and valour. She is often the favorite deity of soldiers and the royalty. If you are in a trouble or are facing a great danger, Veera Lakshmi must be worshiped.

To please the Goddessm Veera Lakshmi Vrata must be performed. The Goddess blesses her devotee with the courage to face the most difficult of situations.


Vidya Lakshmi

Vidya is translated as education or wisdom. Vidya Lakshmi is the Goddess that blesses her devotees with the wealth of knowledge. The wealth of knowledge is the only wealth that cannot be lost, destroyed or stolen. It is considered the most pious form of wealth of all.

To please goddess Vidya Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi Pooja can be done. When pleased, the Goddess showers the devotee with wisdom and knowledge. She also provides the ability to use it for life.


Vijaya Lakshmi

Vijaya Lakshmi is the Goddess of victory. The victory need not just be in wars or examinations. With the blessing of Vijaya Lakshmi, one can attain victory in dire situations that one faces in life.

To please Vijaya Lakshmi, you can perform the Vijaya Lakshmi Sadhana. With the help of the Goddess you shall surpass all kinds of difficulties and shall come out victorious in life.

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