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Maha Vishnu Mantras For Akshaya Tritiya

By: Subodini Menon

The auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya is presided over by Lord Maha Vishnu. There is a plethora of deities that are worshipped on this day, but it is Lord Maha Vishnu that most people worship. The other deities that are commonly worshipped on the Akshaya Tritiya day are:

1. Lord Ganesha: He is the remover of all obstacles and therefore, Lord Ganapati is worshipped on Akshaya Tritiya. He is also worshipped before the poojas for the other deities are performed.

Maha Vishnu Mantras for Akshaya Tritiya

2. Goddess Lakshmi: As the Goddess of wealth, Goddess Maha Lakshmi is a popular deity to be worshipped on Akshaya Tritiya. Worshipping her ensures the flow of righteous wealth in the household. Goddess Maha Lakshmi is often worshipped along with her spouse, Lord Maha Vishnu.

3. Lord Kubera: As the treasurer of the Gods and the owner of endless wealth, he bestows prosperity and financial gains on his devotees. He is often worshipped alongside Goddess Maha Lakshmi.

Maha Vishnu Mantras for Akshaya Tritiya

4. Lord Maha Vishnu: And Lord Maha Vishnu is worshipped to receive the blessings of luck, prosperity and peace. He is one among the trinity of Gods in Hinduism and is considered to be immensely powerful. He is the protector of the creation and is very benevolent.

It is said that Lord Maha Vishnu is the calmest one among the Gods. He does not get agitated or angry at the mistakes of his devotees and forgives them easily on repentance. The mantras and shlokas that exalt Lord Maha Vishnu are some of the most effective ones. This is because Lord Maha Vishnu is known to rush to the help of a true devotee when summoned with a true and pure heart.

This Akshaya Tritiya, try to chant some of these mantras and shlokas that are dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu. You may not be in a situation to perform a full-fledged pooja or other spiritual rituals to please him, but you surely can please him by simply chanting the following mantras.

Maha Vishnu Mantras for Akshaya Tritiya

Vishnu Moola Mantra

||Om Namo Narayanaya||

"I bow to thee, O! Lord Narayana."

It is the most basic of all the mantras dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu. It is also very powerful.

Vishnu Bhagavate Vasudevaya Mantra

||Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya||

"I bow to thee, O! Protector of the universe"

Vishnu Gayatri Mantra

||Om Shri Vaishnave cha Vidmahe

Vasudevaya dhimahi|

TannoVishnu Prachyodayat||

Maha Vishnu Mantras for Akshaya Tritiya

Vishnu Shantakaaram Mantra

||Shaantakaaram Bhujagashayanam Padmanabham Suresham

Vishvadhaaram Gaganasadrisham Meghavaarnam Shubhangam|

Lakshmikaantam Kamalanayanam Yogibhirdhyanagamyam

Vande Vishnum Bhavabhayaharam Sarvalokaikanatham||

"O Lord, who is forever calm, who sleeps on the mighty snake Ananta, the one who had a lotus blooming from his naabhi (it is believed that Lord Brahma resides in the lotus that arises from the belly button of Lord Maha Vishnu), the one who is the lord of all universe, I bow to thee. You are the basis of the existence of the world, you look as vast as the sky, your colour resembles that of the rain laden clouds and each part of your body is holy. O! The dear one of Goddess Lakshmi, the one who has eyes as beautiful as the lotus petals, the one who is forever present in the minds of yogis, I bow to thee, Lord Maha Vishnu who rescues the world from fear."

Mangalam Bhagavan Vishnu Mantra

||Mangalam Bhagavan Vishnu

Mangalam Garudhadhwaja|

Mangalam Pundari kaksha

Magalam Tano Harih||

"May auspiciousness befall onto Lord Maha Vishnu who has Garuda on his flag and the one who has eyes that resemble lotus petals. May all auspiciousness be on you O! Lord Maha Vishnu, who is also known as Hari."

Maha Vishnu Mantras for Akshaya Tritiya

Maha Vishnu Shloka

||Sa Shankha Chakram Sa Kiriitta Kundalam

Sa Piita Vastram Sarasiruhekshanam|

Sa Haara Vakshassthala Shobhi Kausthubham

Namami Vishnum Shirasaa Chaturbhujam||

"I salute Lord Maha Vishnu who holds the shankha and chakra in his hands, the one who is decorated with the crown and beautiful earrings; the one whose resplendent form is decorated with yellow clothes, the one with eyes that resemble a lotus petal; the one who has his chest adorned with a garland and the gem called Kausthubha. I bow my head with devotion before Lord Maha Vishnu who has four arms."

Story first published: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 11:14 [IST]
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