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How To Invite Goddess Lakshmi Into Your Home, This Diwali

By Subodini Menon

Goddess Lakshmi is the deity of good fortune and wealth. She is an important deity in the Hindu pantheon of gods. Goddess Lakshmi is the bringer of 'Aishwarya' and 'Vriddhi'.

Every practicing Hindu who is tangled in the intricate web of 'Maya' and 'Moha' wants to please Goddess Lakshmi. The ones that are free of the bonds of Maya and Moha and those who have renounced the way of life also worship the Goddess, as the way of 'Marga to Moksha'.

how to invite goddess lakshmi into your home

The presence of Goddess Lakshmi in the house ensures that your family stays healthy, happy and peaceful. There shall be no suffering due to want of anything. If you are wondering how to invite Goddess Lakshmi into your home, this Diwali, worry not, as we have some tips for you.

Diwali is a very auspicious time for Lakshmi Pooja and to invite Goddess Lakshmi into your home. There are certain things that you can do to make sure that Goddess Lakshmi is welcome at your home. Read on to know more.


Installing Sri Yantra In Your Pooja Room

Yantras of different kinds are usually used by the Hindu community to enhance or assist in the betterment of life. But there is no Yantra that is considered to be more superior or powerful than the Sri Yantra. This Sri Yantra can be placed in the pooja room of your house. Offering regular prayers to it is a must. If all the required rules are followed properly, then the house is filled with good luck and wealth.


Using A Lotus Seed Rosary

The lotus is one of the things that is considered to be very close to the Goddess's heart. She is depicted as seated on a Lotus. Lotus is considered as the symbol of wealth and good tidings. You can keep a lotus seed rosary in the pooja room and use it to chant the Lakshmi Mantra. Doing so will fill the heart of the devotee with purity, love and kindness.


Have A Moti Shankh In Your Home

Moti Shankh is a conch that has the lustre of pearls. Such conchs are rare to find and are considered as objects of immense spiritual power. Having it in the house is said to bring financial gains. It has to be noted that the conch should be kept wrapped in a clean cloth that is red, yellow or white in colour.


Light Ghee Lamps

Goddess Lakshmi is the one that lights the path to a brighter and happy future. Place an image or idol of Goddess Lakshmi in your pooja room. Light the lamps of ghee in front of the Goddess every morning and evening. If you have a basil plant, light a ghee lamp before the Tulsi plant too.


Place Sea Shells And Coweries

Place coweries and sea shells in the area of worship in your home. These help in attracting positive energies into your home. It is believed that these are a form of wealth and keeping them in your home is said to invite more into your home. It also creates an atmosphere of spirituality.


Using Coconut To Worship Goddess Lakshmi

Using Coconut To Worship Goddess Lakshmi
Coconut is an auspicious fruit. It is so auspicious that it is called Sri Phal. It is offered to all the deities in the pooja. Offering coconut to the Goddess Lakshmi every day invites goodness into the home.


Dos And Don’ts Of Pleasing Goddess Lakshmi

  • Kindness, love and compassion invite Goddess Lakshmi into the house.
  • Cleanliness is very important. Goddess Lakshmi doesn't reside in a place that is messy and untidy.
  • Goddess Lakshmi hates a place where there is discord and fights. Keep peace and harmony in your house.
  • Never disrespect the women in your house. If the women in your house are happy, then Goddess Lakshmi shall be happy too.
  • Wake up with the sunrise and go to bed after the sunsets.
  • When you cook the food, you should not taste it.
  • Consume food only after bathing and offering bhog to Lord Agni and Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Honour the auspicious days. Fridays and occasions like Diwali are important to the Goddess Lakshmi. Make it a point to worship the Goddess Lakshmi on these days.

Dos And Don’ts Of Worship Of Goddess Lakshmi On Diwali

  • The pooja and aarti of Diwali should be done in the presence of all the members of the family. It ensures that everyone in the family is blessed by the Goddess.
  • Goddess Lakshmi doesn't like a chaotic atmosphere. It is very important to have a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.
  • When aarti is done for the other Gods, devotees clap their hands in devotion. When the aarti is done for Goddess Lakshmi, do not clap or make a commotion. A simple bell is enough to accompany the aarti.
  • Do not burst the crackers soon after the aarti.
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