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Why Is Ram Navami Celebrated?

By: Debdatta Mazumder

There is no lack of festivals in India as the people of the country know how to spend life in pomp and vigour. They know that thorns will be there but it is important how you can turn each day of your life into the petals of flowers.

Every year you celebrate Ram Navami on the ninth day of the month of Chaitra and enjoy Ramleela vigorously. Why is Ram Navami celebrated?

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Yes, this is known to all that this is the birthday of Lord Ram, the lawful king of Ayodhya. But, his birth is significant to every Hindu and therefore, the importance of celebrating Ram Navami is deep.

On this day, Lord Vishnu was born as the elder son of King Dashratha of Ayodhya. It was the incident of the 'Treta Yuga’ when Lord Vishnu appeared in his seventh incarnation to direct the world once again towards 'Dharma’. So, that is also the vital importance of celebrating Ram Navami.

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On this day, people worship Lord Ram, remember his way of righteousness and try to lead their life on his ideals. To devotees, he is the epitome of virtue and morality; he is the devoted son and loving husband while he is the last word of friendship. So, celebrating his birthday will be a matter of huge celebration on the land of his birth.

Why is Ram Navami celebrated? Here is the importance of celebrating Ram Navami. Have a look-


1. Prayer to the Sun

The sun is considered as the ancestor of Lord Ram. So, the day begins with the prayer of the sun who symbolizes power. It means, devotees seek blessings from the supreme power and then start their day.


2. Importance of Fast

Why is Ram Navami celebrated? It is celebrated to purify your body, mind and soul. That's why devotees keep fast for the whole day and after the sunset they have sweets and fruits to break the fast. Thus, their body gets the utmost benefits of fasting and having such nutritious diet.


3. Significance of the Holy Bath

People of Ayodhya believes that taking bath in the river Saryu will eliminate all negative impacts and purify their mind, body and soul. The bathing ceremony, throughout the country, is therefore is an important part to make your mind clean so that you can concentrate on the right path of life.


4. Importance of Ramleela

Ramleela is cultural programmes, performed by followers on the evening of Ram Navami. People gather on an open place and performers act on special incidents of Lord Ram's life like his victory over Ravana and all. These are all done to make people remind how brave and valiant he was.


5. Importance of Chariot Processing

Why is Ram Navami celebrated in India? It is celebrated to remember the peaceful days of Lord Ram's reign. A chariot is decorated with flowers and garlands and the deitys of Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman are kept inside. In southern India, it is also celebrated as the marriage day of Lord Ram and Lady Sita.


6. Different types of Juices

In many temples on the day of Ram Navami, devotees are been distributed with different types of juices, such as butter milk, lemon juice and so on.


7. Conclusion

Now you understand why is Ram Navami celebrated? This is the day when God appeared to this earth to remove all negative forces which bound human soul and body. So, the real meaning of Ram Navami is the beginning of the destruction of negativity from the earth and hail positivism.

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