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Varamahalakshmi Festival Decoration Items

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Varamahalakshmi Vratham is performed by married women across South India. It is believed that performing this festival will bring immense blessings, happiness and peace to all our family members.

This day is celebrated on a Friday of Shravan month. The time will be more auspicious if it is a full moon day as well.

Since India has different customs and traditions, even for the same festivals, Varamahalakshmi pooja is also celebrated in different ways in different part of South India. Generally, mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws perform this festival together.

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Apart from spending time in performing rituals and prayers, women also pay attention in decorating their homes with the Varamahalakshmi festival decoration items.

Like all festivals, decorating your Pooja room and home completes the festive mood. If done wisely and well-planned, this gives you the ultimate spiritual feel of the festivities.

Devotees believe that praying and worshipping Goddess Varamahalakshmi on this particular auspicious day is equivalent to worshipping Ashtalaksmi – the eight goddesses of Wealth, Earth, Learning, Love, Fame, Peace, Pleasure and Strength.

Varamahalakshmi pooja for this year falls on August 12th. Since the time is already around the corner, you will be looking for different and innovative Varamahalakshmi festival decorative items and ideas to decorate your home and Pooja room, isn't it?

So, read on to know more about the decorative items that you can use to make the festival even more bright and enjoyable.


Pooja Mantap

Decorate the Pooja mantap with rangoli borders on all four sides. You can add Hridaya Kamalam or Aishwarya Kolam with a kaavi border. Plantain plants and mango leaf decorations can be attached to the mantap as well.


Coconut Face Decoration

Remove the fibres of a coconut carefully. Make a paste of water and turmeric powder. Apply this all over the coconut and apply kumkum between the two eyes of the coconut. This is one of the important Varamahalakshmi festival decorative items.



Decorations for Varamahalakshmi pooja will not be complete if you are not paying attention to decorating your rooms, especially the pooja room, with garlands. Make colourful and beautiful garlands that will make your space even more attractive.


LED Lights

Nowadays, LED lights are very common as a part of the decoration. This will make the whole area look attractive and colourful. You can use either one colour or multiple coloured lights. You can use this not only in the mantap, but also all around your house.


Idol Decoration

The most important part of the decorations for Varamahalakshmi pooja should focus on the idol. It is always better to select an idol of the perfect size for your mantap. Also, make sure that the whole mantap decoration goes along with the idol decoration.


Decorative Diyas

You can make the festival even more auspicious by adding some decorative diyas. You can use earthen diyas, silverware and oil lamps. If you prefer reusing, keep these for the next year as well. These are important Varamahalakshmi festival decoration items.



Rangoli is an inevitable part of the Varamahalakshmi pooja. Along with trying traditional rangoli designs, you can experiment with some new and innovative ideas. Decorate rangoli designs by placing oil lamps.

Therefore, use these essential and important Varamahalakshmi festival decorative items to make this festival a memorable one that brings utmost spiritual empowerment.

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