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Things You Should Know About Krishna Janmashtami

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Krishna Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna who was born on the eighth day of the Shravana Masam, according to the Hindu calendar.

His birthday is celebrated with sheer devotion and great enthusiasm throughout the country. Lord Krishna is regarded as one of the most important avatar of Lord Vishnu who reincarnated in this earth to destroy the evil forces and bring peace to the world. To enjoy this occasion, know all you should about little Krishna.

His childhood is full of adventurous stories. His birth, itself is a mystical incident. There are many things to know about little Krishna.

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All you should about little Krishna to know on this pious occasion. On Janmashtami, the 'Bal Gopal’ is brought to every houses and it is kept on a cradle. He represents the kids of your house and he is treated as the youngest person of your house.

The same love is offered to him that you offer to your little kiddo.

Janmashtami पर मोर पंख रखें यहाँ, हो जाओगे मालामाल | कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी | Boldsky

What are the things to know about little Krishna? Here you will get all you should about little Krishna to know. All are interesting facts and not only you but children of your house will enjoy the stories as well.

Read to know more about things to know about little Krishna.


Story of Birth

Lord Krishna was destined to kill the evil, Kansa. At the midnight of a rainstorm, he took birth at the prison of Kansa. With his divine power, he made all the guards sleep tight and his father reached Nanda's house and exchanged Krishna with his daughter. During the journey, the King of Snakes, Basuki protected the little kid from rain.


Little Krishna and Putana

The information of Krishna's safety reach Kansa. He was repeatedly sending his evil counsels to kill little Krishna. Putana was one of them. She came in the disguise of beautiful woman and went to nurse him. Krishna caught this trick and killed Putana.


Little Krishna and Butter

While knowing all you should about little Krishna, this one is the most famous story. The mischievous Krishna tricked girls to steal butter from their ‘Matkas'. He also tricked his mother with all his friends to steal butter. That's why, on Janmashtami, butter is offered to Lord Krishna.


Little Krishna and Kaliya Snake

One day, Krishna was playing with his friends on the bank of Yamuna. The river was the dwelling place of a poisonous snake, Kaliya. Krishna defeated the snake and forced it to leave Vrindavan.


Little Krishna and Govardhan Hill

People of Vrindavan worshipped Lord Indra, the God of Rain. Krishna once suggested worshiping the mountain, Govardhan. This made Lord Indra angry and he sent rain and storm to destroy Vrindavan. Lord Krishna protected every animal and person by holding Govardhan Hill on his little finger.


Little Krishna and Yashoda

Yashoda got very irritated one day as little Krishna's friends complained that he was eating dust and soil. Yashoda got very angry and compelled Krishna to open his mouth. And what did she see there? Lord Krishna made her see the whole universe inside his mouth.

His whole life is full of stories and myths. And this place is not enough to describe all. Enjoy these stories with your kid. Happy Janmashtami.

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