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Story of Brahmacharini: Second Goddess of Navaratri

By Lekhaka

Brahmacharini or Devi Yogini is the second manifestation and mightiest forms of Goddess Durga. The second day of Navratri is devoted for Goddess Brahmacharini. With a unique blend of radiance, she takes her devotes to the spiritual bliss. Wearing white sari with orange border and holding kamandalu in her left arm and rosary in her right arm, Brahmacharini epitomize love and peace.

The story of Brahmacharini shows the strength and power of a woman. She's considered as unmarried mediating form of Goddess Parvathi, who desired to marry Lord Shiva. The name Brahmacharini means the person who penance. Her constant penance for more than thousand years pleased Lord Shiva. First, she survived on fruits and then on dried Bilva leaves. Later, she quit food and dedicated all the time for prayer. This forced Lord Brahma to grant her wish to marry Lord Shiva.

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If you worships goddess Brahmacharini, you will get a mind that remains unshaken even in the biggest hardships. No suffering will bother you if you worship goddess Brahmacharini on the second day of Navratri. She is believed to be the sign of devotion, sacrifice and determination.

story behind Brahmacharini mata

Goddess of Day 2 of Navratri:
Mata Brahmacharini, second mightiest form goddess Durga symbolizes peace, happiness, devotion and determination. With her true devotion and sacrifice, she is trusted to have penanced more than thousand years. Throughout all the nine days of Navratri, people fast and it is said that goddess Brahmacharini who is worshipped on day 2 will help devotes to complete their duty without any deviation.

Significance of worshipping Devi Brahmacharini:
The name Brahmacharini means a female who pursues religious knowledge. The story of Brahmacharini shows that through worshipping her, devotees can achieve their goals. Nothing will deviate your presence of mind if you worship Goddess Brahmacharini. Devi Brahmacharini is known for her pure and sincere devotion and determination.

story behind Brahmacharini mata

Story or legend of Devi Brahmacharini:
Goddess Brahmacharini practiced difficult penances to get Lord Shiva as her husband.This lasted for several thousand years. She lived eating dry Bilva leaves and as time passed, she stopped even this. Her dedication made lord Brahma to give her boon that her wish will be fulfilled.

Mantra to impress Brahmacharini Mata:

To get the divine blessings of Brahmacharini Mata, you have to chant mantras while worshipping her.

Dadhana karpadmabhayaamaqshmala kamadalu !

Devi prasidatu mayi brahmchaarinyanutama !!

story behind Brahmacharini mata

How to perform aarti for Brahmacharini Mata:

Before performing aarti for Brahmacharini Mata, you have to give the idol a bath of milk, curd and honey. After the bath, give her Prasad that is offered to Goddess Durga. Then take one flower in your hands and chant the mantra. Now give her the bath of Panchamrit and offer flowers, rice and Kumkum. Put a garland of red and lotus on goddess idol. Light a diya with ghee and then perform aarti with devotion.

Best bhog options for Mata as well as Prasad:
Sugar is the best bhog as well as Prasad for Brahmacharini Mata. The second day of Navratri is devoted for goddess Brahmacharini and sugar is considered to be the best option as bhog. It is believed that by offering sugar, the longevity of the family members increase.

Worship Goddess Brahmacharini and fulfill all your desires.

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