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Significance Of Mangala Gowri

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Shravan masam is full of auspicious occasions and vrats. Hindu married and unmarried women keep fasts and worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati through various rituals. Mangala Gowri is one of those occasions where Goddess Parvati is worshipped by the Hindu women. Why is Mangala Gowri celebrated? Goddess Parvati is the symbol of power and also the epitome of happily married woman. So, married women worship Goddess Parvati for happily married life.

Knowing the significance of Mangala Gowri will encourage you more to celebrate this occasion with all devotion. Gowri is other name of Goddess Parvati and she is worshipped in many household as the daughter of the family. The Hindus perform rituals to worship Goddess Shakti in the form of Gowri. But, why is Mangala Gowri celebrated? What is the meaning of the term, 'Mangala'? Actually, all Hindu women keep fast on every Tuesdays of shravan masam for Gowri pujan. That's why this occasion is celebrated in the name of 'Mangala Gowri.

This vrat and fast is kept by the devotees so that they can get blessings from Goddess Shakti, the ultimate power of the Universe. They believe worshipping Maa Gowri will fill their life with great benefits and remove all their upheavals. What is the significance of Mangala Gowri? Read on to know more-


1. For Husband’s Long Life

Why is Mangala Gowri celebrated? All Hindu women celebrate Mangala Gowri with utter devotion on every Tuesdays of Shravan masam for the long life and prosperity of their husbands. As Goddess Parvati/Gowri is the example of happily married woman, women want her blessing to keep their husbands well.


2. Significance for Unmarried Women

Not only the married women, but unmarried girls also keep fast and celebrate Mangala Gowri vrat. They do so to get husband like Lord Shiva who is so loving and caring to his wife, Goddess Parvati. This is the significance of Mangala Gowri.


3. Reduces Ill Effects

Mangala Gowri vrat is performed to eliminate all negative effects of the grahas from one's life. If someone is too much disturbed in his life and if everything is going wrong there, performing Mangala Gowri Vrat will reduce all negative impacts and he will get the blessing of Goddess Parvati.


4. Eliminate Manglik Dosh

This is another important significance of Mangala Gowri. If anyone has manglik dosh in h/her kundli, performing Mangla Gowri Vrat and keeping fast will reduce that dosh. With the blessing of Mata, one can have a pure life.


5. Getting Peace of Mind

It is said that to acieve mental peace and the greatest salvation, one should perform Mangala Gowri Vrat with devotion. To remove all the negativities from your life, worship Maa Gowri and you'll definitely get that peace of mind you're looking for.


6. Apparel of Maa Gowri

The idol or picture is decorated with kumkum, green sareee, bindi and mangalsutra. All these symbolize married women. Therefore, the significance of Mangala Gowri is that she is the symbol of all married ladies who deserve to be happy in their in-laws house.


7. Other Benefits

Mangala Gowri pujan offers great benefits to your life. To get prosperity in life and to erqdicate all troubles of lawsuits and loans, Mangala Gowri Vrat can help. Also, this pujan helps to stay away from all blood related diseases.

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