Significance Of Worshiping Devi Kushmanda On The 4th Day of Navratri

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Navratri festival has begun and in many households, Goddess Durga is welcomed as the daughter of the house and is worshipped.

This is one of the biggest festivals of the Hindu religion that is celebrated with pomp and vigour throughout the country. Do you know the significance of the Navratri festival?

Have you ever thought why the festival is celebrated for nine days and why is it the Visarjan day on the tenth day specifically? What is the value of each day of the Navratri festival?

Goddess Durga took nine forms to kill Mahishasura, the demon. Each form has its own significance and importance. According to another belief, 'Nava’ means new.

Therefore, people worship nine appellations of Goddess Durga on Navratri with 'Nava Patrika (nine leaves or herbs) and 'Nava Graha’ are also worshipped during this time.

Worshiping Devi Kushmanda On 4th Day

The festival starts from the 'Pratipada’ and continues up to nine days. Each day, people worship different appellations of Devi Durga.

If the first day is dedicated to 'Shailaputri’, the second day is dedicated to 'Brahmachari’. The third day is for 'Chandraghanta’ and now, the fourth day is dedicated to 'Devi Kushmanda’.

Here, you will know about the significance of worshipping Devi Durga in the form of Kushmanda on the fourth day of Navratri, have a look.

1. Appearance Of Devi Kushmanda: Mata Kushmanda has eight hands, holding a bow, a jar of nectar, arrow, lotus, mace, discus, chakra and the eighth hand, she has a rosary for blessing her devotees. Due to eight hands, she is known as Ashtavuja. Her complexion is radiant and body colour is golden. She rides on a lion. Often, she is regarded as having ten hands.

2. Worship To The Creator Of The Universe: According to an ancient belief, when there was no universe, there was only deep darkness around. Goddess Kushmanda smiled and thus, there was light everywhere. In this way, she created the Universe and filled it with life. The fourth day of Navratri is for worshipping the source of this creation.

Worshiping Devi Kushmanda On 4th Day

3. Controller Of The Solar System: Devi Kushmanda resides in the core of the sun and gets her energy from there. According to a popular belief, she controlled the sun and also the entire solar system. From now on, while worshipping Devi Kushmanda, you will know that you are worshipping the ultimate power of this universe.

4. Meaning Of 'Kushmanda’: Here 'Ku’ means little, 'Ushma’ stands for warmth and 'anda’ is equal to a cosmic egg. As she is the creator of the Universe, her name justifies her role, right?

Worshiping Devi Kushmanda On 4th Day

5. Significance Of Her Blessings: According to popular belief, Devi Kushmanda is reflected in every living and non-living entity of this universe. She is the source of energy, which gives her devotees the ability to make decisions intellectually.

She is there to show the right way in life and to overcome all sorrows and pain and fill life with happiness and laughter. If someone worships her with complete devotion, he will get everything to be happy in this world.

Now, you know the significance of the fourth day of Navratri. In many households, Devi Kushmanda is worshipped as Goddess Lakshmi who removes all miseries of humans’ life and fills it with blessings.

Also, the fourth day signifies the women power. It is believed that lord Vishnu needed the help from Devi Kushmanda to make the universe throbbing with life.

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