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Significance Of Utwan Dwadasi Or Tulasi Puja

By: Debdatta Mazumder

In India, people celebrate different types of vrat and each has a different meaning from the other. Tulasi puja is one of the important vrats that is celebrated in India on during the Kartik masam, according to the Hindu calendar. Popularly, Tulasi puja is also known as the Kartika Pournami or Uthwana Ekadashi.

To the Hindus, Tulasi is regarded as a holy plant and it is used to offer to the Gods. Another interesting thing about using tulasi is that this is the only thing that you can wash and reuse while worshiping, as tulasi leaves are known as self-purifying plants.

significance of utwan dwadasi

Many of you keep this vrat and celebrate the pujan at your home. Do you know what the significance of tulasi pujan is? Before performing any rituals, if you know the importance of it, it becomes easier to perform the pujas with sheer dedication. So, here is the significance of the Tulasi Pujan in Kartika Masam. Have a look.

Maha Uthwana: According to the Hindu puranas, on Uthwana Dwadashi, Lord Vishnu awakens from his cosmic sleep. After his long sleep for 4 months, he awakens on this day. Chaturmasya Vrat is performed throughout these four months and it ends on Uthwana Ekadashi.

significance of utwan dwadasi

End Of Chaturmasya Vrat; On Uthwasa Dwadashi, the Chaturmas Vrat ends. Devotees break their Ekadashi fast on this day and observe Vishnu Pujan and Tulasi Pujan. This is also the day when Lord Vishnu married Tulasi.

Tulasi Damodara Vivaha: This day also signifies the eternal marriage of Lord Vishnu and Tulasi. According to the Hindu belief, tulasi is regarded as Goddess Lakshmi. When tulasi plant was evolved into the Ksheer Sagar, the 'Samudra Manthan' was performed by the Gods and Demons. Tulasi appeared again from the ocean of milk and Lord Vishnu married her on this day.

significance of utwan dwadasi

Beginning Of The Great Churning: 'Manthan' is a give-and-take process. It signifies when you want something, you have to collaborate and work together. Uthwana Dwadashi also signifies the starting day of 'Manthan'.

Eliminates All Sins: Kartik masam is considered as the month of truth and salvation. Keeping tulasi vrat means you can get salvation from all your sins and you get a prosperous and happy life ahead. This pujan also uplifts your spiritual inclination.

Auspicious Importance: As tulasi is one of the most vital herbs to cure almost every type of ailments, the pujan signifies that your life will be filled up with all auspicious effects, as it miraculously removes your diseases.

significance of utwan dwadasi

Importance Of The Female Power: During Tulasi Salgram Vivaha, the Salgram Shila is kept at the feet of the tulasi plant. When Lord Vishnu married Vrinda, he promised to be always dedicated to her and this scenario proves the empowerment of women in the society.

So, these are the important points to mark the significance of Tulsi Puja or Uthwana Dwadashi. This occasion is also called Chilku Dwadashi, Yogini Dwadashi, Ksheerabdi Dwadashi, etc., in different parts of India. If you keep the vrat, you will be ushered with the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2016, 10:36 [IST]
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