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Rituals Followed For Sankranti In South India

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Makar Sankranti is a very auspicious festival that is celebrated across India. For farmers, it is a harvest festival. And according to astrology, it is the time that the sun changes its direction from one rashi (zodiac sign) to another .

On this special festival, there are several traditions that are followed by the people celebrating it. These customs and traditions have been followed from many years now. So, today, we shall brief you on the traditions and customs that are followed, specially in South India .

In Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the festival is celebrated for three days and in Karnataka, it is celebrated for one day, while some of them celebrate the festival for two days also.

Read more to know the interesting facts and rituals of Sankranti that is followed in South India.


Ellu Bella Sankranti Mix:

The main ingredients are the ellu (sesame seeds), bella (jaggery), groundnuts, chopped dry coconut, chick peas and these are mixed together in the form of a mixture. This mixture is distributed in packets or boxes among the relatives and friends.


Importance Of Sesame Seeds And Jaggery:

When we give the sesame seeds mix to a person it means that we are debt free and do not owe anything to that person, which is otherwise called as being runamukthalu. Jaggery symbolises that we should speak good and sweet things to others.



Sugarcane is believed to strengthen the relationships and have a strong family bonding. It also signifies that you need to have a strong mind in whatever you do.



In Karnataka, once a girl gets married, starting from her first year of Sankranti after marriage, she is supposed to give five bananas to five married women (or muthaide) for five years. Every year the number of banana doubles up. So, for the first year, it is five bananas, for the second year it is ten and so on. For the fifth year, she is supposed to give 25 bananas to the five married women along with the yellu bella mix and sugarcane.



When a couple is blessed with a baby boy, the parents are supposed to give a silver krishna idol to their near and dear ones on the first Sankranti of the baby. If it is a girl baby, a small silver bowl or a cup is given to the near ones.


The Third Day:

On the final day of Sankranti, the kannuma people in parts of Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu celebrate the festival at a larger scale by preparing a non veg feast to mark their togetherness and to strengthen their family bonds.

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