Navratri Special: Nine Colours For Each Day Of Navratri

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Navratri 2017 : 9 दिनों में पहनें ये 9 रंग के कपड़े |Colors to wear in navratra| Boldsky

Navratri festival is around the corner and all are busy with its preparations. Do you know about the Navratri colours and their significance? Well, this is the article you've got to read!

The Navratri festival lasts for nine days, especially dedicated for worshipping the nine forms of Devi. The tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadashami or "Dussehra".

Apart from the arrangements of pooja, you have to take care of something else to make yourself ready. It is a custom to wear different colours on each of these nine days. There are specific designated colours to be worn for each day.

In states like Gujarat and Maharashtra, the custom is more popular where women join together for dandia and garba.

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There is a specific order for the nine Navratri colours. First, we have to see the weekday when Navratri begins and the colour for the first day is decided based on that, every year. Then, the colours will be specified in an order, as a cycle, for the rest of the 8 days.

We know that you all are eager to check out the nine different colours for Navratri and its order to make your festive celebrations colourful with devotion.

Here, we will provide you with the list of colours and their significance for each day, so that you can keep your costumes ready before the festival begins.

Follow these colours for your dress and accessories to make this Navratri a memorable one!


Navratri Day 1

The day one of Navratri for this year falls on October 01, (Saturday). The colour for this day is Grey. Goddess Shailaputri is worshipped on this day.


Navratri Day 2

For October 02, (Sunday), the Navratri colour of the day is Orange. You can prefer to dress and accessorise in orange or shades of orange. Brahmacharini is the Goddess worshipped on this day.


Navratri Day 3

The third Navratri day falls on October 03, (Monday). Designated colour for this day is Pure White. The Goddess worshipped on this particular day is Chandraghanta. You can worship Devi by wearing a white-coloured dress.


Navratri Day 4

On October 04, (Tuesday), you can go for a red-coloured outfit with accessories. Form of Maa Durga, Kushmanda, is worshipped on this day.


Navratri Day 5

The colour for fifth day is Royal Blue. Skandamata is the form of Devi who is worshipped on this day. So, you have to go for royal blue on October 05, (Wednesday).


Navratri Day 6

Navratri colour of the day, October 06, (Thursday), is Yellow. This is the sixth day of Navratri. Katyayani is the goddess form who is worshipped on the sixth day.


Navratri Day 7

On the seventh day of Navratri, called the saptami, you can dress up in Green coloured outfits. This day falls on October 07, (Friday), where the form of Goddess worshipped is Kaalratri.


Navratri Day 8

On October 08, (Saturday), you should prefer to wear Peacock Green. This day is known as Ashtami. The form of Goddess worshipped is Maha Gauri.


Navratri Day 9

On day 9, purple is the colour to be followed on Navratri. This falls on October 09, (Sunday), and Siddhidatri is the form of Devi who is worshipped on this day.

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