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How To Welcome Lord Krishna For Janmashtami At Home

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Janmashtami is a community festival and you can celebrate it together at your housing. Also, the occasion is celebrated in temples of Lord Krishna.

But, if you are welcoming Lord Krishna to your home this year, try your best to please him. Little Krishna is coming to your house on his birthday, so do the best to welcome him. How to welcome Lord Krishna for Janmashtami? You are going to need two main things for that- love and devotion.

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If you do everything with two, that will make Bal Gopal the happiest. You know that baby Krishna is fond of sweets. You can welcome him only with 'Makhan-Michri'.

If there is enough love in your offerings, he will bless you. Treat him like your own kiddo of the house. How are you welcoming Lord Krishna to your home? With simple ideas you can do that. Decorate your house and most importantly, your puja room with simple decor tips.

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Do you have your own baby Krishna? Then, dress him like Lord Krishna. If you are attending a community festival, you will definitely find a cute little Radha for him.

And when these cuties will run along your compound, it will be such bliss to watch. How to welcome Lord Krishna for Janmashtami? Read on to know more-


1. Decorate Your Puja Asana

If you already have a puja mandap, decorate it with fresh flowers and use strings of little LED lights to make the place illuminated. Use aromatic flowers, like jasmine, mogra, etc. to decorate the puja mandap as these are favourite flowers of Krishna.


2. Make a Village for Krishna

While welcoming Lord Krishna to your home, try this. Buy Krishna idol along with other idols of other people, cows, statues of carts, etc. Now, clean a place in your puja room and spread thatch over there. Put the idols there and make small cottages too. Engage your children into it and it will be real fun.


3. Do Rangoli

Every pious occasion will remain incomplete without rangoli on the floors. You can only use rice flour and water to make exotic designs or to make rangolis more interesting, play with colours. Make peacock feathers with blue and green and make little footsteps of little Krishna.


4. Make Sweets

Little Krishna is fond of sweet dishes. You can buy sweets from shops, but making something at home is definitely awesome. Prepare Dhaniya Panjiri, Gol Papdi, Gajar ka Halwa, and whatever you like to offer Krishna. This is how to welcome Lord Krishna for Janmashtami.


5. Prepare the ‘Jhula’

In many houses, the idol of baby Krishna is put on ‘Jhula' (cradle). That looks really cute. You can buy it from shops and decorate it with flowers, coloured papers and lights. This is one of the best ways about how to welcome Lord Krishna for Janmashtami.


6. Decorate Your Entire House

Children will take much pleasure in doing all this. Engage them in hanging balloons, festoons of mango leaves and garlands, sticking marble papers on puja place, etc. This will make them learn team work and you will be surprised at their good work, truly.


7. Invite Friends

The enjoyment will be more if you invite friends and relatives on this occasion. You all can take part in decoration, preparing food, making fast and in the puja. Read Krishna's story together for children and participate in chanting.

How to welcome Lord Krishna for Janmashtami? You have got your answer and now welcome baby Krishna at home. Happy Janmashtami!

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