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Importance Of Pradosh Vrat

By Lekhaka

Pradosh Vrat is one of the important Vrats observed by Hindus for worshiping Lord Shiva and Parvati. The word 'Pradosh' means evening and the worship associated with Pradosh Vrat is done during the evening twilight or on sandhya kala.

Pradosh Vrat falls on the Trayodashi of both Shukla and Krishna Paksha of every month. In the month of May, the Pradosh Vrat is on 17th May, 2018.

Pradosh Vrat is mainly of two types - Shani Pradosh, which falls on Saturday and Soma Pradosh, which falls on Monday.

Devotees will observe fast during the Pradosh vrat. Some times light food i.e juice or fruit salad are consumed during the fast.

While the Pradosh Vrat puja is performed devotees pray to Lord Shiva by chanting Shiva mantra's.

Here we tell you about the significance and the importance of performing the Pradosh Vrat.

Facts To Know About Pradosh Vrat

Importance Of Pradosh Vrat | Pradosh Vrat Katha | Pradosh Vrat Procedure | Pradosh Vrat Pooja

It is believed that by chanting Shiva mantras during the puja one shall be free from all the sins for life time. Also by chanting the Shiva mantra's it is said that all your wishes are also granted. This is one of the most common Pradosh Vrat kadha.

Nataraja: The Lord Of Dance

One Brahmin lady came to muni Sadilya with an orphan, Dharmagupta. He was a prince, whose father was slain in a battle. They took Pradosh Vrat as per the instruction of Sadilya.

During the eighth Pradosh, she got a pot of nectar to drink. After that, Dharmagupta married a celestial princess. With the help of her father, the prince conquered his country back. This increases the importance of Pradosh Vrat as it will help to attain victory.

Importance Of Pradosh Vrat | Pradosh Vrat Katha | Pradosh Vrat Procedure | Pradosh Vrat Pooja

Shiva In His Auspicious Mood
Pradosh Vrat is the best time to worship Lord Shiva and Parvati as they both will be in their best mood. Fed up with the war of demons, Gods approached Lord Shiva on the thirteenth day of the lunar fortnight. This time He was glorified by the Gods and granted their wish. This Pradosh Vrat story is yet another popular one.

Importance Of Pradosh Vrat | Pradosh Vrat Katha | Pradosh Vrat Procedure | Pradosh Vrat Pooja

All Sins Forgiven
One of the most common story behind the Pradosh Vrat is related to the Halahala poison. According to this story, Lord Shiva drank the Halahala poison that is obtained during samudra mandhan during a Pradosh. The devotees believe that Lord Shiva will take up all the sins and give to moksha.

Spiritual Empowerment
Fasting and chanting matras of Lord Shiva during Pradosh Vrat is the best thing that we can do for spiritual empowerment. It is believed that offering even a Bael or Bilva leaf is enough for recovering from all our sin.

Pradosh Vrat is the time when Lord Shiva will be in His most pleasant form and it will be the best time to worship him.

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