Importance Of Bhai Dhooj Festival

By: Debdatta Mazumber
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India is an country with a wide variety of festivals. The way it celebrates each festival is incomparable to any part of the world. But the underlying fact of every festival is to wish health, happiness and prosperity for near and dear ones. Bhai Dhooj is one of such festivals. To extend the glee of Diwali, Bhai dhooj is celebrated at every corner of India. The name suggests that it is a festival for brothers and sisters. Like Rakshabandhan, sisters wish long life and success for their brothers.

Rituals To Follow On Bhai Dooj

How important is Bhai Dhooj festival for brothers and sisters? You must know about the story behind this festival to understand it. The most popular story of Bhai Dhooj is about Yama (the God of death) and his sister, Yami. Once, Yama went to visit her sister. She greeted her brother by putting a propitious mark on his forehead and also prayed for his well-being. Thus, it is believed that if a brother receives a tilak from his sister on this day, he will never experience hell.

Ways To Bond With Your Younger Brother

Every year, sisters and brothers wait for this day. Both of them bring gifts for each other; sisters cook delicious dishes for brothers and make the day memorable for the rest of the year. Have you ever thought of the importance of Bhai Dhooj festival? Every festival in India is based on certain beliefs. How important is Bhai Dhooj festival for brothers and sisters? If you know it, the exhilaration will increase lot.


1. Strengthens Brother

Sister Bond- This is the most important aspect of Bhai Dhooj festival. The bonding between a brother and his sister is quite unique. They may fight; they may argue. But, this is the day when both of them wish for each other's welfare.


2. Brings Cousins Closer

This is not only a festival of siblings, but also brings cousins closer. This festival reminds them about the childhood memories. Now, they stay apart from each other. During Bhai Dhooj, they meet again and enjoy it heartily. This is obviously the importance of Bhai Dhooj festival.


3. Family Get Together

Married sisters come home along with their husbands and children. The house is again filled up with cheer and joy. The loneliness, that surrounds after the Navratri and Diwali vanishes within a moment.


4. Reminds Responsibilities

How important is Bhai Dhooj festival for brothers and sisters? This is not just a festival to have fun. It reminds you about the responsibilities of this dear relationship. It says, despite all differences, you share a strong bond which can never be broken.


5. Eliminates Differences

As children, you can have fights. With growing ages, those fights are turned into differences and utter silence. This festival gives you the chance to break the ice between you and start anew.


6. Foods And Gifts

No festival is complete without delicious, mouth-watering foods. This is the festival where sisters make special items for brothers and bring sweets etc. Brothers also bring favourite chocolates or sweets for their loving sisters .

Now, you know the importance of Bhai Dhooj festival. This festival brings loads of joy, affection and warmth between the connection of brothers and sisters. Every state celebrates this festival with a different name. If it is ‘Sodara Bidige' at Karnataka, ‘Bhai-Phota' in Bengal. But, the underlying feeling is same everywhere.

Story first published: Thursday, November 12, 2015, 6:03 [IST]
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