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Why is Shravan Favourite Month of Lord Shiva?


The month of Shravan has been considered one of the most auspicious months in Hindu calendar. During this month Lord Shiva is in close proximity to Earth and hence anyone who observes penance and prays to Him with full faith and devotion receives His blessings. The Mondays of Shravan are especially very significant for the ladies who fast and pray to Lord Shiva to get a good life partner and for the prosperity of their family.

The month of Shravan is the most important for the worship of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva was re-united with Goddess Parvati during the holy month of Shravan. Therefore women who pray to the Lord for a good husband during the month of Shravan are believed to be blessed with good life partners. There are also a few other events that took place in the life of Shiva which had occured during the month of Shravana.


So, what makes Shravan the favourite month of Lord Shiva? We are sure that all of you are curious to know about it. So, take a look at the reasons why Shravan is the favourite month of Shiva.

Re-uniting With Goddess Parvati

According to the legends, after Sati immolated Herself in the sacrificial fire and was reborn as Goddess Parvati, She performed great penance to marry Lord Shiva. After a long penance, Lord Shiva was pleased and He agreed to marry Goddess Parvati. It is said that it was in the month of Shravan that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were re-united. That is why Shravan month is of great importance.

Shiva Visits His In-Laws

Scriptures say that Lord Shiva visits His in-laws house during the month of Shravan where He is received with great love and affection. That is why Shravan is considered to beso important to worship Lord Shiva.


As Lord Shiva comes down to visit His in-laws during the month, He is treated with great affection. He is bathed with water to mark his visit in the form of Jalabhishek. That is why people bathe the Shiva linga with water, milk, curd etc.

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The Lord Comes Nearer

Since Lord Shiva visits His in-laws on earth, it is said that He comes in close proximity to His devotees during the month of Shravan. That's why if one prays to Shiva at this time, He blesses the person with all the happiness.

Churning Of The Ocean

It is also mentioned in the mythology that the churning of ocean or Samudra manthan was also carried out during the month of Shravan.

Shiva Drank The Poison

During the Samudra Manthan, the most dangerous poison was consumed by Lord Shiva during this month. After consuming the poison the Lord became unconscious. After that the deities on the advice of Lord Brahma performed the Jalabhishek and treated Him with various herbs. Only then Lord Shiva regained consciousness. It was thus, the ritual of Jalabhishek or pouring water on the Shivalinga started.

The Great Yogi

Shiva, the world's greatest yogi goes into a state of Yoganidra at this time of the year. Hence, the month of Shravan is highly significant for Lord Shiva.

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