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Beliefs About Hair Wash In Hinduism


People believe in different customs as per different days. A lot of different customs are followed on different days in many religions across the world. One is forced to ponder over whether the days of the week came first or the religion?

Dfferent customs and practices have been followed since ages and generations based on the days of the week. For example, shaving is not permitted for men on Thursdays and Saturdays. It is also believed that one should not wash their hair or clothes on a Thursday. There are many stories about hair wash in Hinduism which are practiced by many people, especially by the women folk.

Beliefs About Hair Wash In Hinduism



According to the many beliefs about hair wash, washing hair is prohibited on Tuesdays. The rule is more applicable on those who are affected by Mars (Mangal). So, to calm down the effects of heavy Mangal, people do not wash their hair on Tuesdays.

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This belief is followed in many parts of India. It is said that a mother of one boy should never wash her hair on Wednesdays. It affects her child especially in terms of health. Moreover, another belief is that newly married women should wash hair on Wednesday to get a baby boy.



In many parts of India, women follow this custom very strictly believing that washing hair on Thursdays takes away the blessings of Lord Brihaspati and Goddess Lakshmi from your home and thus might make you poor. In fact, stories exist since ages where a woman used to wash her hair on Thursdays and she lost all her assets gradually. Even washing clothes on Thursdays is considered inauspicious.



There are mixed Hindu myths on Saturday hair wash. In Hinduism, some believe that washing your hair on Saturday is good as it helps bring down the effect of Sade Sati. Besides this, belief also exists that washing hair on Saturday can upset Shani Dev.

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