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How To Impress Shani Dev?

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Shani Dev
Whenever you visit an astrologer, the most common lines said by them is, “According to your cards, Shani (Saturn) is a heavy planet right now.” In Hinduism, many people suffer saade saati (means 7 and half) where the planet is heavy on the individual. This saade saati lasts for 7 and half years. During this period, the person goes through stress, laziness, health problems and lots of challenges in career. However, this saade saati has been hyped by most of the astrologers. When an individual is going through saade saati, he/she is advised to impress Shani Dev and win his heart. Apart from japs and mantras, you can try few remedies to impress Shani bhagwan.

6 remedies to impress Shani Dev:

Donate mustard oil: Shani Dev loves mustard oil. On Saturdays, go to peepal tree and pour mustard oil on the tree branch. Peepal tree is worshiped by Hindus because it is symbolic to Shani bhagwan. It is believed that worshiping the tree before sunrise impresses Shani Dev. So, every Saturday, go to the peepal tree and pour mustard oil. You can also give black cumin seeds (kala til).

Care for poor: Shani Dev loves to help poor and needy people. Help them if you can. Donate money or clothes or anything in your budget especially on Saturday. You can also give black cloth piece to the poor and needy people.

Worship Lord Hanuman: Lord Hanuman is one of the remedies to impress Shani Dev. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman saved Shani from the clutches of Ravana in Ramayana. Lord Shani promised to reduce the malefic affects of Shani on individuals if they worship Lord Hanuman. This promise made by Shani bhagwan helps the devotees win his heart if they worship lord Hanuman.

Wear black: Black is the colour of Shani Dev. Shani is depicted in dark colour. His idols are black in colour. Wear black or dark blue on Saturday. Shani means Saturday in Hindi and is the day of Shani Dev.

Quit alcohol: One of the remedies to impress Lord Shani is to quit alcohol. He is considered as the lord of justice. Bad habits such as smoking, drinking or eating non vegetarian foods brings anger to Shani Dev. So, leave these habits especially during the saade saati period.

Be honest: As a God of Justice, you should be honest in your life. Avoid bribing or hurting people. This is one lesson every individual should keep in mind.

These are few remedies to impress Shani Dev. Apart from these, avoid buying leather and black coloured items on Saturday.

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Story first published: Friday, May 11, 2012, 12:48 [IST]
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