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How To Impress Shani Dev?

By Ishi

Whenever you visit an astrologer, the most common line said by them is, "According to your cards, Shani (Saturn) is a heavy planet right now." In Hinduism, many people suffer during saade saati (means 7 and half) where the planet is heavy on the individual. This saade saati lasts for 7 and half years. During this period, the person goes through stress, laziness, health problems and lots of challenges in career. However, this saade saati has been hyped by most of the astrologers.

Apart from japs and mantras, you can try a few remedies to impress Shani Dev. Besides these, it is important to note here that the Shani planet does not always cause negative effects on an individual. A particular positiing of Shani can be favourable as well as unfavourable depending on various other factors. It is also said that he keeps an acount of the Karma that humans do and rewards them accordingly. That is why he is also known as the Lord of justice.

When an individual is going through the unfavourable phase of a saade saati, he/she is advised to impress Shani Dev and win his heart. That's exactly what this article talks about. While there are some specific ways in which we can please Shani Dev, there are some things that the Lord wants from his devotees. Given below is the compiled list of both. Take a look.


Donate Mustard Oil

Shani Dev loves mustard oil. On Saturdays, go to a Peepal tree and pour mustard oil on the tree branch. Peepal tree is worshipped by Hindus because it is symbolic of Shani Dev. It is believed that worshipping the tree before sunrise impresses Shani Dev. So, every Saturday, go to the peepal tree and pour mustard oil. You can also give black cumin seeds (kala til).


Care For Poor

Shani Dev loves to help poor and needy people. Help them if you can. Donate money or clothes or anything in your budget, especially on a Saturday. You can also give black cloth pieces to the poor and needy people.


Worship Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is one of the remedies to impress Shani Dev. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman saved Shani from the clutches of Ravana in Ramayana. Lord Shani promised to reduce the malefic effects of unfavourable effects of Saturn on individuals if they worship Lord Hanuman. This promise made by Shani bhagwan helps the devotees win his heart if they worship lord Hanuman.


Wear Black

Black is the colour of Shani Dev. Shani is depicted in dark colour. His idols are black in colour. Wear black or dark blue on Saturdays. Shani means Saturday in Sanskrit and Hindi and is the day of Shani Dev.


Quit Alcohol

One of the remedies to impress Lord Shani is to quit alcohol. He is considered as the lord of justice. Bad habits such as smoking, drinking or eating non vegetarian foods brings anger to Shani Dev. So, leave these habits, especially during the saade saati period.

Now here is the list of things which Lord Shani Dev wants from his devotees. Read on.


Be Honest

As a God of Justice, you should be honest in your life. Avoid bribing or hurting people. This is one lesson every individual should keep in mind. These are few remedies to impress Shani Dev. Apart from these, avoid buying leather and black coloured items on Saturday.


Hard Work

As Shani Dev is the lord of justice and rewards people for their actions and Karma, it goes unsaid that he wants his devotees to work hard and achieve the best. Merely woshipping him and expecting favours in return might not be sufficient, for he has to deliver justice. Justice would mean rewarding the one who rightly deserves.



Shani Dev admires those who are simple and real. Simple and sorted people with a truthful nature are dear to him. While hypocrisy rules many spheres of life, it is Shani Dev who can understand the genuineness of your heart. One who faces the reality and plays his roles genuinely in life is dear to Lord Shani Dev.


Patience And Good Deeds

Charity holds a great place in the religion itself. In fact, helping the needy and other such good deeds are actually appreciated in all the religions. It is a language of the world. Shani Dev admires patience in people.

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