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Special Features Of Onam Celebrations

Posted By: Staff
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Onam is one of the most awaited festivals in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The festival goes on for a ten day long span and elaborate arrangements are made by the people for Onam celebrations. As like any other religious festival there are some reasons as to why we celebrate this grand eve. Onam falls during the Malayalam month of Chingam. Let us see a few reasons as to why Onam is one of the most important of all the Kerala festivals.



  • The most important reason behind Onam celebrations is definitely a religious one. King Mahabali was a great demon king of this region. All his subjects were very happy under him and he had a very prosperous reign.
  • He became so powerful with time that even the Gods were afraid and jealous of this great king.
  • Vishnu took the Vamana avatar and asked for three steps of land. Mahabali was so great that he would never deny any thing that was asked for. As soon as he agreed Vishnu took his real form and with one foot claimed the heavens and with another the earth. As there was no more place to keep the third one Mahabali gave his head for it, and thus Vishnu doomed him to rule Hell.
  • But it is said that he comes back every year to see that his people are still happy, and this is the time for Onam celebrations. All these are the most popular stories behind Onam celebrations.


  • Kerala is a southern state of India and is extremely rich in its cultural heritage. This ten day long festival is marked by numerous cultural events that brings forth its rich culture.
  • People engage in cultural activities like songs and Kaikottikkali dance.
  • The intricate flower carpets on the door to welcome their king rightly describes the festive spirit of the state.
  • The people also get a chance to sit together and have a grand feast on the tenth day of Onam. This is the very popular Onasadhya feast that consists of a minimum of 13-14 dishes.
  • Snake boat race of Kerala is one of its most popular features that is famous all over the globe. Onam is a time for celebration and relaxation for all rich and poor alike. So, they forget their mundane worries and engage in games as such.
  • Festivals are a time when all people gather together and share their cultures and happiness. And in Onam during the ten day span all people get ample opportunities to get together and enjoy.

All of them are the reasons behind the celebration of one of the greatest Kerala festivals.

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