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Krishna's Love Stories: Janmashtami Special

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In Hinduism, there are many eternal love stories that we have heard from our grandparents. These love stories have been passed down generations and the respect for such lovers has always been a priority. Lord Krishna is one of the Gods who has a special love story with Radha (his lover). But, Lord Krishna has many other love stories. As Janmashtami is close, take a brief look at the leading women who came into the life of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna's love stories

Lord Krishna's love stories:

Radha: The romance between Lord Krishna and Radha is known to everyone. She was the romantic lover of Krishna. Radha was the childhood friend and lover of Krishna. The love affair of divine Krishna and devotee Radha (a gopi) has been written down in many scriptures of Bhagwata Vaivarta Purana and the Gita Govinda poem of the Vaisnava traditions. Radha is not just a cowherd maiden, but is the base behind the origin of gopis (women who also performed Rasa dance for Krishna). Radha and Krishna idols are found in many temples across the world. The details of this love story of Krishna and Radha is given in Brahma Vaivarta Purana .

Rukmini: Also known as Rukhmani, the gorgeous woman is the favourite wife of Lord Krishna. Rukhmani is also the Queen of Dwarka (Krishna's city). She is one of the main queens of Lord Krishna. The love story of Rukmini and Lord Krishna ended up in marriage. Rukmini who was considered as the most beautiful woman after Draupadi, fell in love with Krishna. His charm, greatness and character impressed her. They both eloped (Rukmini planned to get kidnapped) because her brother Rukmi was against the marriage. Rukmini and Krishna married after eloping away.

Satyabhama: She is another important Queen of Lord Krishna. The consort of Govinda is also married to him. Satyabhama was the daughter of Satrajit who owned the Syamantaka jewel. When Satrajit's Syamantaka jewel went missing, he accused Lord Krishna. To erase the false blame, Krishna went on to hunt the jewel and returned after defeating Jambavan. To repent for the false blame, Satrajit gave his daughter Satyabhama and the jewel to Krishna. Lord Krishna accepted the marriage but not the jewel.

Meera Bai: This is not exactly a two sided love story. Meera was a devotee of Lord Krishna and loved him. The longing for union with Lord Krishna has been described in many of her poems. Meera was too young when she started adoring Lord Krishna's idol. It is believed that Meera saw a marriage procession of the bridegroom and asked her mother about her husband. The mother to calm Meera took her to their deity's idol (lord Krishna) and showed him as her husband. Since then, Meera has always considered Him as her husband. Even after marriage with Prince Bhoj Raj, Meera felt she was already married to Krishna. Vikramaditya, Meera's brother-in-law tried to harm her but Lord Krishna saved Meera every time.

These are few famous love stories of Lord Krishna. In short, these are the leading ladies who are associated with the life of Lord Krishna. There are few more such as Satya, Kalindi, Bhadra, Mitravinda.

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