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Why Santa Claus Comes Down The Chimney?

By Super

The anticipation for gifts is an aspect of the Christmas spirit, across the world. A gift from Santa is the wish of all children during Christmas season.

There is a popular belief that Santa visit children by climbing down into the house through the chimney. Why Santa Claus Comes Down The Chimney to give Christmas gifts?

It is a known fact that Santa Claus whom we believe is St.Nicolas, who was born in 280 AD. St.Nicolas was a rich man, a priest who later became a bishop.

St. Nicholas, even as a young man was very generous. Tradition holds that St. Nicholas in order to help a man get his three daughters married, filled their, stockings, which they laid to dry near the fire place.

It is a belief among children that, Santa Claus comes down the chimney to give them gifts. Hence to this day it is a practice that children leave their stockings near the fire place.

As per another version, it is believed that Santa Claus throws gifts through the window. But the tradition of children not getting to see Santa Claus as he leaves his gift is still followed as gifts are placed under the Christmas tree y elders of the family, when the children are asleep.

Hence the belief as to why Santa Claus comes through the chimney to leave the Christmas gifts. Let us celebrate Christmas 2010, understanding the tradition.

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