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Santa Claus-Significance

By Super
Santa Claus simply jumps into your mind at the very thought of Christmas. Being an integral part of Christmas, it is ideal to be aware of the significance the aspects of Santa Claus, the most celebrated Christmas figure. It is definitely exciting and intriguing to know about the aspects related to Santa Claus, his cheer, big belly, red outfit and why he gives gifts etc etc

St.Nicholas born in 4th Century later became affectionately addressed as the Santa Claus. Here goes the significance of the Santa Claus.

Santa's Cheer

Santa Claus was a saint and saints involuntarily carried bliss in their beings. They spread happiness around, which is ideal in the case of Santa. Who could not contact his infectious cheer?

Big Belly

Another aspect of Santa Claus, the significance of which one ought to know is his big belly. As goes the significance of his inexhaustible cheer, so goes his big belly. He was a hearty man abounding with happiness. The abundant happiness that he carried and exuded is represented by his big belly.

White beard

The cottony white beard of Santa Claus simply translates into wisdom. He is represented as an old man with impeccable white beard to reveal the truth that he was wise. Old age is normally associated with wisdom, owing to the fact that the old are wise in terms of experience.

Red Dress

Santa Claus is always in red. It seems St.Nicholas was a bishop and wore red as bishops normally did, Hence Santa Claus is depicted wearing red.

So let us remember Santa Claus's significance on Christmas Day, as we make way for a merry Christmas 2010.

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