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Sri Ramavatar-Part VI (Continued)

By Super

Continued From The First Page

Though Hanuman was an unknown minister in Sugriva's cabinet in exile, His glory is spelt out in the Dhyana Sloka: "If one worships Hanuman, one would be blessed with intelligence, strength, fame, courage, absence of fear, good health, alertness and eloquence"

These came to the surface only after His meeting with Sri Rama, whom he recognized as His Master - what a powerful motivation by the avatara. However, the humble Anjaneya stresses several times that his greatness and achievements are solely due to the glory of His Prabhu (Lord), Sri Rama and Sita Devi.

In 'Sundara Kanda', Anjaneya's description of the "Tapaswini Sita Devi' as a great "Pativrata' and the word-painting of Sri Rama's physical charms (physognomy), emotional excellence, intellectual achievements and spiritual perfection in the 35th sarga of the'Kanda' to convince Devi, are unparalleled. These would serve as excellent ideals for men and women for all time to come! Further, in the same 'Kanda' Hanumanji narrates Ramayana to several characters in different ways, using His discretion, and demonstrates His skill in oratory. With all the achievements, being a true Ram Bhaktha, He is most happy to hear the glory of his Prabhu as confirmed in the Dhyana Sloka :

"Whenever Srimad Ramayana is being recited there the great Maruti, who is the destroyer of Rakshasas, sits listening humbly with His folded hands on His forehead and with eyes overflowing with tears". Sri Rama felt eternally indebted to Hanumanji. This great 'Rama Bhaktah' receives the spontaneous divine embrace from Sri Rama as a token of gratitude for all His achievements

The qualities of head and heart of Sri Rama and Sita Devi have an eternal content and hence they have a relevant application to the present day family, community, national and international materialistic life of confusions and tensions. A consistent and devoted study of Srimad Ramayana will not only yield fruitful and lasting solutions to our day to day problems but also to the modem problems of management, administration and human relations. This is because the epic is a charter of duties for the rulers and the ruled, husband and, wife, parents and children, brothers, friends and attendants. Thus, the universal appeal of Ramayana and the comfort and solace that it provides even today, is the main purpose of this glorious avatar. That the message of the Epic is eternal is confirmed in the blessings of Lord Brahma to the author, Sage Valmiki, while initiating him:

"As long as the hills stand and the rivers flow on the surface of the earth, so long shall the story of Ramayana be current in the world".

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P.G.Ananthanarayan (Mani)

This article has been written by P.G.Ananthanarayan (Mani) for the Vedanta Vani of Chinmaya Mission.

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Story first published: Friday, September 11, 2009, 14:27 [IST]
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