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Why Urmila, Lakshman's Wife Slept Continuously For 14 Years


Ramayan is one of the most important epics of the Hindus and the stories and the characters described in it are known to all. There are some characters who played a very significant role in helping the lord fulfil the aim of establishing Dharma on Earth but not many people know about them. We have brought to you the information about one such character, wife of Lakshman, Urmila, today.

Marriage Of Lakshman And Urmila

The story can be traced back to the times when King Janak wanted to marry off his daughter, Sita. He had organised a Swayamvara in which kings from far off kingdoms had been invited to lift Shiva Dhanusha. Nobody, other than Lord Ram, could do that. Hence, Goddess Sita got married to Lord Rama. On the same day, Lakshman was married to Urmila, Bharath to Mandavi and Shrutakirti to Shatrughan.

Lakshman At The Time Of Birth

According to one story, when Lakshman was born, he kept crying continuously, until he was made to sleep near Lord Ram, his elder brother. It is said that Lakshman loved being around his elder brother Lord Ram, whom he would not leave for a moment. Lakshman is believed to be the incarnation of Sheshnag, the snake on which Lord Vishnu is often resting.

When Lakshman Went To Exile

When Lord Ram was sent to exile, Lakshman also presented his desire to go along with him. While all others had agreed, the girl, Urmila, too, expressed her wish to go with them. But much to her disappointment, Lakshman denied to take her along. He believed that she was his responsibility and if he took her along, it might become difficult for him to safeguard his brother and sister-in-law (Lord Ram and Goddess Sita), who were going to be his major responsibilities there. Wanting no distraction, he decided he would not take her along.

He told her that just as his responsibility would be to be the comfort of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, the comfort of his mothers and father Dasharatha would be her responsibility. He told her to take care of them while he was in exile. Urmila decided to diligently follow his orders.

Thus, all three of them, Lord Ram, Goddess Sita and Lakshman, left for exile. It is said that Lakshman did not sleep for the entire period of the exile. An interesting story is narrated behind this. Read on.

Nidra Devi Appeared Before Lakshman

When on the first night in exile Lakshman did not sleep, it is believed that Nidra Devi, the goddess of sleep, came before him and asked him for the reason he did not want to sleep. He said that he has the responsibility of safeguarding his brother and his wife and so he did want to sleep.

Nidra Devi, however, explained that it was important for every man on Earth to sleep and take rest in order for the body to function well. But as it is said, Lakshman was very determined about his goals. He was determined not to sleep and perform his responsibility.

Pleased by his devotion towards Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, She told him that, if somebody in his place could agree to sleep for the time he was in exile, she would allow him not to sleep and give him the powers for the same.

Urmila Did Not Sleep For Fourteen Years

Therefore, Lakshman presented the name of his wife as the person who could agree to do so. He knew she would be happy to hear that for it was a chance she would not feel his absence and whenever she would open her eyes, she will get to see him there. Hearing this, Nidra Devi blessed Lakshman and gave him the powers required.

As Nidra Devi went and explained the whole matter to Urmila, she happily agreed. Thus, it is said that Urmila kept sleeping for the entire period Lakshman was in exile.

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